I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!

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Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

For those who know me well enough, you will know how much I would prefer to be in a cold country rather than a hot oven place, especially when I have hot weather all year round. Well, people that stays in 4 seasons country would love the equator weather. And people stays in the equator, would prefer a cooler weather. 

Therefore, when I plan on my travel location, weather makes a huge difference in my pick. 

Traveling to any places during Summer is a NO NO to me. I don’t like the sweaty feelings and sunburn. @@ 

snowy winter

Winter – As much as I like cooling weather, I hate winter. I hate that I have to wear layers of clothes and still feel cold. Shopping is not fun during Winter. Imagine I have to take off 5 layers of clothes, tried on the clothes then realized the size doesn’t fit. Then I have to put on something and get everything out of the fitting room, get the other size, put them on, then to realize they are not nice on me. I’m saying if my friends/family weren’t with me when I try my clothes. 

Oh, trying on shoe is also a hassle. I have to take off the boots and thick socks. 

All these, will take me 5-10 minutes to take them off, 5-10 minutes to put them on. I will tell myself not to buy. It will be so much easier. lol. 

Mid Spring and Autumn – I love them both. Love the chilling wind. Been to Melbourne during Spring, love it! Been to HK and Europe during Autumn, wet weather but still acceptable. Prefer late Autumn, early Winter though. Been to Europe during Autumn, love them to the max! It’s cold, but not as cold as snowy Winter. Just a bit wet at certain days. Still love the chilling weather. 

spring blooms

I will want to plan my next trip during spring. Hoping to see the beautiful flowers!  


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Hong Kong Countdown of 2014

#throwback of my 2014 Hong Kong trip

It’s my first time celebrating new year in another country, other than Malaysia (which I have not done so in many years), or Singapore (the city which I’m living now). It’s a new experience for me and it was awesome! 

Hk 2014 fireworks

The difference encounter for counting down in other country like HK, is that you need to be at the venue as early as 6pm. Yes, it’s 6pm! People already queue up and enter the premises at 6+. Imagine you have to wait until midnight. That is 6 hours wait. @@ 

Fireworks Hong Kong 2014

As a first timer, I started my way out from hotel at 6pm. Went for dinner then walk towards the venue – Avenue of Stars. I was there at 8pm. It’s a 4hours wait. I did nothing, only waited patiently. 

Around 10+, LINE started to distribute pom pom. It was really cool! The only disadvantage? You cant release the air once you pump them up. I have to poke a hole to release the air in order to bring them back. That means, I can’t pump them up again. 

HK Fireworks

By then, it’s already people mountain people sea. It was really really crowded. 

Hong Kong 2014 fireworks

Oh well, for the fireworks, it’s all worth it. 

Hk fireworks

I have to say, selfie stick really comes in handy at such time. Too bad I don’t have one. Can’t use them to take nice shot without being blocked by some other selfie sticks. 

Hong Kong fireworks

Nonetheless, really thank God that I’m being watched over and walking back to hotel was so easy. Have my first experience of walking on Hong Kong street with no cars on it and weather was so nice!  😀

Fireworks 2014

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Eat again in Hong Kong!

#throwback Hong Kong 2014 trip

This post is all about the food! 

Hong Kong food

On my 3rd trip to HK, it’s all about slowing down and eat all I can. I ate in cha chan teng everyday, for their milk tea / noodle. The taste was so different with ours and theirs were really nice. 

Hong Kong cha chan teng HK food Cha chan teng food

The roast chicken / pork / goose / duck were really yummy. But, it was quite expensive for the goose. 

Roast delicacy

Walk into any of the dim sum shop and they all were so tasty. No need queue up for Michelin star dim sum at all. 😀

Hong Kong dim sum

And we spotted this crepe shop just nearby our hotel, their durian crepe was really delicious. Especially for a non-dessert person like me, I have to say, this was really good. 

dessert durian crepe

Nothing to shout about for Macau food. It was quite expensive and crowded with tourists. I wouldn’t say it was a good experience to be there. But it’s just a “been there, done that” experience. I will not want to go back to Macau again. Not for the food, not for the casino, definitely not for the crowd. 

Macau food

And this mark the end of my HK food trip. Guess I won’t be going there anytime soon. Probably 5 years later? Guess I will only go there again for family trip to HK disneyland. 😀 

Hong Kong food

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Latest family shot

We seldom have family shot since I’m always away. This year, we managed to capture few family shots during CNY. It was really great as my niece is growing up really fast. 

 family picture

The hardest shot was when there were 2 kids around. This particular shot took us 30 min to get it all done. And the best shot was not the final one. = =

 Family shot

The kids were too tired by the end of it. Especially the little one. lol. 

I love both of the shots. One was done with timer. Another one was nice with the morning sun and everyone is very happy. 🙂 

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Homecook food

Been doing some cooking lately. Simple dish but is really fulfilling.

I’m a huge fan for tomato pasta. And I add weird ingredient in it. And usually when I cook, I love to cook a big pot to last me for few days. Save money ma. :p

Also, since young my mom has been cooking soup for our meals. Naturally, I have the habit of having soup for my meal. However, eating out making it hard to have a soup + vege meal. Moreover, it is more expensive if I have to buy rice + vege + soup @@ So freaking expensive ok? One meal can add up to… say $10. For me alone. I’m saying hawker food. Not talking about some fine dining / restaurant food.

Back to my homecook food. I have been posting them on my FB. Just to make it a blog post, I have compiled them up in this post. 😀

Dinner #1:

Stir fry sesame chicken & Spinach tomato soup

 Simple homecook food

Dinner #2:

Mushroom carbonara

 Mushroom carbonara

Dinner #3:

– stir fry oyster chic wing + spinach
– abc soup
– tomato + mushroom + spinach leaves rice

 Homecook dinner

Dinner #4:

– stir-fry spinach + tomato + mushroom
– old cucumber chicken bone soup
– tomato rice + lap cheong!

 Healthy dinner

Dinner #5:

– Maggie goreng
– Dumpling melon soup with garlic tumis to add flavour
– Steam vege with garlic tumis

 Healthy homecook food

Dinner #6:

– Boiled dumplings

– stir-fry tomato egg, oyster garlic vege

– left over chic wing from the day before

Healthy food

Dinner #7:

– Oyster chicken with wolfberries
– button mushroom + tofu + vege + corn + little bit of garlic soup

 Homecook food

First ever breakfast:

– steam man tou
– bacon
– egg with melt cheese & tomato

 Homecook breakfast

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No updates for a year

Omg! I have zero update in a year. @@ I kept telling myself I need to blog, I need to blog. But, nothing has been posted for more than 365 days. *sad*

Actually, I have been thinking whether I should keep this blog. Managing a domain name and hosting are not super expensive. It’s a question on whether I should keep it dead and pay for the renewal, or I should update them more frequently at least worth the value. 

Guess I’m posting updates now. So if you see my blog is no longer accessible after 30-May-2016, that means I didn’t renew my hostin. Hence, no more blog for me! I will most likely will not start a new blog then. 🙁 Lets hope I will continue this. Hahah… 

Anyway, just realized I didn’t even update my first Europe trip in 2013. Gosh! My blog has been so quiet. Hmmm…. Lets make it this year resolution to update my blog more frequently. Make full use of the paid hosting! 

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What is happiness?


Many things happened to me over the past few months. And it really made me wonder, what happiness meant to me?

Some people will be happy with wealth, job title, health, etc. But what is real happiness?

Yes with money you can achieve many things. But will it buy you happiness? How much is enough? 1 million, 1 billion? Will you be satisfied with only 1 million when you have them? No.  A lot of times, due to human greed, we want more after we got what we want. You want 10 millions after you have your first million. So you will continue to save / fought for your next millions. When will that stop? You don’t. Are you happy with such life? Busy pushing yourself to earn more $.

I know without money you can’t do much. However, I also believe that what you have been provided is enough. If you are asking for a lifestyle that you can wake up everyday with 5 stars food, then it will be based on what you want. And not what is meant for you. 

I’m not sure if this is because of situation that I have been in, or the trip to Europe, or the faith that I have changed me. I yearning for simple life than ever. Simple happiness can be so much happier than you pushed yourself to earn more in order for you to be happy.

Life can be so simple. Why do we want to make things so complicated?

To me, happiness is very simple. Happiness is me being able to do what I enjoy the most, eg, spend time with my loved ones, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on free day, satisfying my craving for Penang laksa, or enjoying a scoop of my favorite Haagen Dazs ice cream.

As most of my friends know I love traveling. I do. And I think it helps to broaden my mind a lot. My views in life changed so much after my Europe trip. Two weeks in Europe made me see so much that I have never experienced before. And I definitely will make my way back to there again.

Also, taking a break from work has never happened to me before, ever since I started working. Most of us dare not and do not have the luxury to take this pause because of the commitment they have. I do have my own family commitment. However, I’m really thankful that I took this leap of faith. God has been great to me. This break refreshes my mind and also strengthen my view on life can be so simple. Why chase after something that will make you tired mentally & physically? I believe everything has been planned out nicely. I just have to trust in Him.

Moreover, I’m glad that I have friends & family that give me mental support during the hard times & good times. Love them as always. *muaks*

Remember, life can be simple. Happiness is just by your side. It’s just how you want it to happen.
Lastly, I shall close with a picture of my naughty girl & cheeky nephew. ^^

Ke Xin love IMG_9573


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Movie Review: About Time


Image source: beyondhollywood.com

This was a really meaningful, touching & funny movie. It’s a slow pace’s love story.

Somehow we as a human tends to forget this simple rules – Live everyday to the fullest, be in the best form everyday because there is no replay in live. You cannot have the super power to go back to the past to change your history.

This is a very simple application but we just ignore it. Career, lives, gadget etc…. they are more important than our own happiness.

So, what is more important to you? Own happiness or other material stuff? You make your choice.

Rachel Adams is so cute in there, especially from the start she said about her new bangs… which is exactly what I just did before I went for the movie 😀


The night after another unsatisfactory New Year party, Tim’s father (Bill Nighy) tells his son that the men in his family have always had the ability to travel through time. Tim can’t change history, but he can change what happens and has happened in his own life – so he decides to make his world a better place… by getting a girlfriend. Sadly, that turns out not to be as easy as you might think.


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