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My 1st USA trip – Airports

This is my 1st time ever in my life that I have manage to go oversea with my very best friend. There is alot of 1st time sweet and bad memories with her.

Our very first time stay overnight in Changi Airport…as the transit flight have to wait till the next morning. Changi Airport can really be rated a very successfull airport. They have 24 hour internet access….with desktop provided to their customers. They have interterminal train. That is a fun part where my best friend make a huge joke in front of us đŸ™‚ she is always making fun and let us have a good laugh. You know what I mean girl ^^

This flight is a tiring 1. transit at Changi Airport, HK Airport, Chicago, Cleveland….then have to take car to Sandusky….super tiring. My 1st time longest flight in my life…tired…   -_-

HK Airport….. the super Ex chicken rice. A friend of mine he was too hungry so he ordered a normal chicken rice from the food court. It cost him HK Dollar 70…..Roughly is RM35…. faint…. đŸ˜›

Chicago Airport…..Its very very big and busy. They have this big dinasour fosil in 1 of the terminal…..they also have the bench where there is air-con come out from the middle…..make our ass cold…. hehehehe…..

Cleveland Airport…..didn’t notice well when we reached because its very late d….My friend’s luggage got opened up during the transit and don’t know in which airport’s PIC wrap her luggage with the food wrapping plastic paper….kekeke…..funny to see that……then when we on our way back the time…..because that time some terrorist tried to bomb an airplane and caused a big stir in USA. All the passenger have to go through tight search by the guard. *sigh* our luggages are overloaded…..we have to open up and pack in different bags. that was another funny scene….Its is so embarassing to do so….with everyone’s watch…kkakakakaka….but….never mind. once in a life time…. ^^

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1 EinsamSoldat { 02.14.09 at 2:35 PM }

still in the Big Apple ?

2 ~ ivy ~ { 02.14.09 at 11:10 PM }

If I’m still in big apple…hw can I be office ler? =P

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