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Masive Jam

I was caught in a masive jam today while I heading back home after a tired working day.  The jam starts from Inti colleage there. I thought it is just normal jam as there are too many cars using the Hill road at that time. Cars were stucked and were moving inch by inch from time to time. Some cars take U turn at this time.

There is one nice lorry driver warned cars that was stucked in the jam when he was on his way down from d Hill….he said its too jam and no cars allow to up to Batu Maung’s road. At that point of time, quite a few cars take their U turn. I’m still thinking whether I shoud take the U turn or not cuz it’s going be jam at Jalan Masjid Negri and Chung Ling as well…. I’ll reach home by 8pm if i tk the U turn…so I take my chance… and wait…. and pray for a faster movement….

As I’m driving up to “T-junction”, there is one guy.. directing people to move to the left of the road… and there is one bus in stop in the middle of the road…. as I drove past…that guy told everyone to be careful when we drive up as the road is very slippery… I can smell the tar’s smell….

That time the road is cleared.. no accident….. no ambulance anymore… left few Bomba helper, 1 bomba car, 1-2 traffic police… thats it… it tk me less than 5 min to reach home. wanna faint…. normally it tooks me 15 – 20 min to reach home with normal traffic.. today… 1 hour… *faint*…

What I guess … the new tar was applied in the not-so-even road for smoother ride… but as the tar is still “new”…. so normal car’s tyres are unable to “grab” the road and cause accidents? hehe…. just a guess. .. that time I was too tired… didnt even think of taking photos… shit!… forgot bout it… oppssss… cant show the pic…

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1 EinsamSoldat { 02.13.09 at 10:16 PM }

that is y my fren, I ride on a Honda EX5 to zip thru crazy traffic in Penang 😛

2 GuTi { 02.21.09 at 3:28 AM }

can pray already if you could reach home safely, take what pic la…

3 ~ ivy ~ { 02.21.09 at 7:45 AM }

bluek…. I kena another jam yesterday…manage to take some pics…hahah…will update later…

4 GuTi { 02.22.09 at 11:49 PM }

really siao…later people take your pic also…

5 ~ ivy ~ { 02.23.09 at 10:07 PM }

hahaahaha…..syok lor….choi meh? =P

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