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Love in recession

Saw this article in yahoo news …. ” Love in the time of recession” … makes me think…. It is recession now… many people lost jobs and many problems arise as the matter of fact… when MONEY is the main concern…quarrel will definitely kicks in, in a family… especially those with kids…

On my personal view, in love is a happy thing to happen… it is natural… and it kicks you in your brain so automatically… you just fall for that person…

However, marriage is a totally different story… you have to be responsible for your family, may it your husband/wife. Things will be more difficult when you have kids… I honestly believe if you are not financial stable, please don’t ever think of having a baby. If you plan to give birth to a child and let them follow the life style that you are having now, then you can go ahead. I always wanted to have the best for my “future child” when I have one. Because I’ve gone through a hard time from the past, I want everything to be the best for my kids. May it studies, living environment, toys, etc… I just want to keep the best for my child. I know everyone will want to do the same. But if you are struggling to make your financial meet every month, then how far you can go to provide the best for your kids?

Example: If both the husband and wife’s income are RM 4k, I assume both have their own car… which is probably under installment…. a new house… which is also under installment… Expenses needed for household: water bill, electric bill, cooking gas, handphone bill, petrol, misc…. that exclude food, insurance, weekly entertainment….

>> With a new born coming into the family… you will have bills for diapers, milk powder, baby’s medical fee ( Do you know that consultation fee for a baby/kids is much more expensive than adult?… I bet many of you don’t know about this)

>> New clothes for your baby on Chinese New Year,  yourselves and your spouse

>> If both of you are working, then who is going to take care of your baby? BABY SITTER… how much it cost? Around RM 500 – 800… depends on the hour and the baby sitter…. this is for new born only…. for those 2-3 years onwards…. you might want to send them to nursery… start to learn new things… that is additional cost… charges from RM 400 – 500/month… then buying toys for him to play with also cost you a buck now…

I also believe you need some time-out with your husband… go for some lovely dinner for just the two of you… then who is going take care your baby? Either your baby sitter or family member… that…. again… if is your baby sitter, you will need to add some allowance for her…

Hahah… I think it’s time for me to stop here…. If you think that why I sounded so familiar with those pricing… I have a 1 and a 1/2 year old nephew… and he is the centre of attraction in my family… my sister will always want to give her the best…. so…. the cost of taking care of him is a lot…. make me kinda scared to have my own baby… lol….

But I can say… he is always a gem in my heart… 😀

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1 SY { 04.23.09 at 9:40 PM }

So geng lo you..Haha, but it’s true that baby = spending a lot of money

2 Teh { 04.24.09 at 12:04 AM }

Hey, life is like that , it is not easy to plan everything perfectly…

3 ~ ivy ~ { 04.24.09 at 8:25 AM }

@SY: what la… I have my baby darren ma… sure I know the expenses d la….
@Teh: Well… for me I want to have a perfect life for my future kids… that is why it is harder

4 GuTi { 04.24.09 at 11:06 PM }

think too much…

5 GuTi { 04.24.09 at 11:09 PM }

oh ya, suddenly I think of the job which is very suitable for you…really, I can’t stop myself from telling you this…

You should go and work as a financial planner.

6 ~ ivy ~ { 04.25.09 at 10:47 AM }

@GuTi: yaya.. I might consider that job as well…. good ler… know calculate ma… hahhaaha….

7 Teh { 04.25.09 at 7:05 PM }

Hey Ivy, good to know that 🙂

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