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RM 1 Million worth boy

Have you heard of this news? RM 1 million worth of boy!!!

Heard this on my way to work this morning… and search for more details about it… found it in “70-year-old man behind boy’s RM1m kidnapping

I heard from flyfm DJs – Nadia and Ben, that this boy was kidnapped by someone.. the person just took him away from his mom…. then called the parents for RM 1million ransom… the parents paid the ransom… and the kidnappers released the boy… but police got some inside news about the kidnappers and they captured total of 14 people for the investigation…

>> One of the suspect Paremsvaran Ramu is still on the run… Police is looking for him to assist them in the investigation….

Wow! I can’t believe it…. 7o year old man is the mastermind of this kidnapping… geng…. RM 1 million… divide 15 people… 1 person got around RM 66.7k… faint …. can give me a? lol…..

It seems that people nowadays can do anything for money…. what about you? will you do something illegal just to get the money for your living?

For me……I don’t know… maybe I haven’t reach the situation that I will do something stupid in order to get money… I think I’m blessed with this… and I don’t want to have such things happen to me as well…

But if I’m forced to do something unwillingly… I will say…. I will choose to sell my blood/organ… hahaha…. or maybe my hair? 😛 I don’t know…. I just don’t think it is right to so something illegal… haha… maybe selling blood and organ are illegal? 😛

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1 SY { 04.24.09 at 9:07 PM }

Selling your own organ is not illegal kua. Selling other people’s organs is illegal.hahaha.

2 GuTi { 04.24.09 at 11:43 PM }

organ trading is illegal no matter in what circumstances in Malaysia.

3 SY { 04.25.09 at 8:19 AM }

Really? Then I try sell mine see..but I bet nobody wants also..:P

4 ~ ivy ~ { 04.25.09 at 10:49 AM }

@SY: u sot a… simply sell organ… crazy a….
@GuTi: ya ya…. but mai use d word sell… “donate” with a condition… HAHAHA…. lol…..

5 Teh { 04.25.09 at 7:23 PM }

Either it is for organs “selling” or donations, I think we should take a good care of our health so that our organs “worth” for others in future.

Doing something illegal for money, erm , in that case, for me, I might doing something like ‘Danny Ocean’ 🙂

6 ~ ivy ~ { 04.25.09 at 10:12 PM }

@Teh: U think u r in a movie a? 😛

7 Teh { 04.26.09 at 10:45 AM }

Yaya , life is just like a movie. If I “were” Danny Ocean, would you like to join ?

8 ~ ivy ~ { 04.26.09 at 3:47 PM }

@Teh: haha…wait u “were” Danny Ocean….then I’m Rusty Ryan.. lol

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