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My new cap from Esprit

Saw this nice cap in Esprit store… it doesn’t really cross my mine to buy it…buy cuz of sales so I have the urge…

Actually I prefer another one… but the quality is not that good and it is white colour… I really like white colour…BUT is very hard to take care…. with the quality… it will turn yellowish if it is not well taken care of.. 😛

Finally chosen this one:

Esprit Cap 1Esprit cap 2

The best part, it is on sales to close of 30%.. and for more excitement, I got additional 10% discount out of the discounted price cuz of my Esprit card!! I never expect the card still valid after I got it few years back in USA. Really very happy with the additional discount. Love it!

Esprit card


Snap some pictures other day while waiting for my mom and baby….didn’t upload it…so upload it now 🙂

HP phone pouch with bear bear

>> My handphone pouch with the hp string… 😀

Patrick with 2 sun-flower

>> Patrick with two leaves flip flap… patrick’s nose got the mirror’s effect… I put these in my car… lol

Bear bear air-freshner

>> My car freshner…bought from Lovely Lace Gurney… just need to add the “Teddy Tales” essential oil and my car will smells like Lovely Lace’s shops… 🙂

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1 SY { 07.30.09 at 8:42 PM }

Woohoo…cool cap you have there! Nice nice. Keke…

2 So^naK { 07.31.09 at 2:05 AM }

I never reali walk into esprit after i get to know tht they actually can get staff price for 50% discount. So I felt like im spending a lot compared to the staff purchased…:'(

3 ~ ivy ~ { 07.31.09 at 8:14 AM }

@SY Thanks *blek*

@So^naK erm…cant really ask for more d right? They r staff ma…lucky they are not getting free 😛

4 hayley { 07.31.09 at 8:16 AM }

woo… nice cap!! Esprit somemore *winks*
ur car ho.. put so many soft toys, people see liao sure know the owner is a girl. hehe. same as me too! but mine not so many compare with u. i only got one teddy bear and one winnie the pooh tissue box.

5 ~ ivy ~ { 07.31.09 at 8:23 AM }

@hayley hehee….quite cheap after discount 🙂 ya lor… I also know…sis said my car see already know is girl car…but I just cant help it to add more toy… especially Patrick… cuz my steering, belt, mirror, tissue box all also Patrick ei… then got 2 small soft toys – 1 mom gave, 1 friend gave… so…add up became a lot.. I still looking for Patrick ei gearbox’s cover… out of stock d… lol

6 Teh { 07.31.09 at 11:52 PM }

Hmmm… nice cap and cute toys you have 🙂

7 ~ ivy ~ { 08.01.09 at 8:27 AM }

@Teh Thanks 🙂 hehe..gals ma 😛

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