I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Sunday Leisure

I saw about this George Town Heritage celebration email sent by Sher. So thought to check it out. Since I’m not free on Saturday, so I’ll go to this Little Penang Street Market @ Upper Penang road to get some pictures… and check out the stalls…

Some of the stuff sold were very unique…but unique till very expensive… ==” I actually found a very nice bracelet and anklet…but they are very costly..made of beans…from don’t know where… around RM 40-RM 50 ==” damn expensive… but were very nice… hehe….

Met Boon and family there..his son was performing at the stage…when I reached there the show already ended… just managed to talk to them awhile only.. 🙂

Woman weaving a cloth

>> This lady was weaving a cloth… she showed people how she did it… really need time and patience… the end result was quite good also 😀

Saw this special plant.. it was like some deep sea creature…except it is a plant.. lol

Cute plant

Saw this pretty flower..they are soooo big…very nice…the person sell the flower teased me for snapping the pictures….so I also shy shy to snap d… hehe….but after that he said I could snap… with no problems at all….but shy shy d…so I didn’t snap more.. 😛

Pretty Flower

Handmade bags

Handy craft

Special made vase

I like this one very much (the one I circle up one)…but didn’t ask the price…cuz I’m sure it will be costly…

Nice vase

After that, headed to Gurney Plaza… went for a drinks at Winter Warmers….their Ice Mixed Fruits Cocktail and Crunchy Crackers are really damn nice… addicted to it already…

Winter Warmers - Ice Mixed Fruits Cocktail

Winter Warmers - Crunchy Cracker (Tuna)

After having the food and walk walk in Gurney… got nothing to do… so just stop by G hotel to take some pictures and rest on their couch…nice… wish I could have that at home as well… lol

Me @ G hotelMe @ G Hotel

There goes my Sunday… *cry*

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1 SY { 07.27.09 at 9:16 PM }

All the handicraft items are amazing. Your photo snapping skill has improved tremendously too 😉

2 ~ ivy ~ { 07.27.09 at 9:40 PM }

@SY Ya meh? Erm….I still don’t like it yet..hmm…need to improve more 😛

3 Teh { 07.27.09 at 9:53 PM }

Nice Sunday 🙂 For the photos, you might use software likes Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to edit them to looks better 😉

4 ~ ivy ~ { 07.27.09 at 10:27 PM }

@Teh hehe…I ma si know 😛

5 SY { 07.27.09 at 11:19 PM }

I will support you in improving..jia you.. 😉

6 hayley { 07.28.09 at 8:12 AM }

i like ur top! sexy and girlie too. hehe.
always heard u go Winter warmers… hmm.. is really that nice?? may be i can go try the next time i go penang.

7 ~ ivy ~ { 07.28.09 at 8:26 AM }

@hayley hehe … *blushed* 😛 erm…this few weeks I’m always there cuz the Ice Mixed Fruits Cocktail is really really very nice..you should try it out 🙂

8 ~ ivy ~ { 07.28.09 at 8:26 AM }

@SY Thanks 😛

9 rizal { 07.29.09 at 9:10 PM }

Owhhh.. finally..

been trying to land on your Haagendazs, tak boleh buka lah ivy for the past few sessions. May be it was on my site

Anyway, awesome, feels like i am on window shopping mood too. Haha.

rm40 for a bean bracelet? a bit steep if you ask me..

I ve always loved helicornia (sepit udang). Great to go for your centerpiece deco.

wah ivy, look so relaxing..

Happy blogging.. 🙂

10 ~ ivy ~ { 07.29.09 at 11:07 PM }

@rizal hmm…. wonder why? Ya I know…quite ex for a bean bracelet… but handmade ma…so the workmanship cost that much lor 🙂

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