I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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No update for some time :P

Hmm…. this is only early August … but I’m officially broke .. for the payment of my credit card….but I’m thinking of ways to settle it…no worries! I can handle it! Yeah!

Things I have spent on July 2009:

1st – Mom’s present. Read here for the details.

Aurora's earing - Mom's present

Padini's pants - Mom's present

2nd – Sher’s present + dinner. Details read here.

Fried Mac and Cheese - TGI Friday - Sher's Birthday

Szilling Chicken with Cheese - TGI Friday - Sher's birthday

Declare - Sher's Birthday present

3rd – some food I spent on. Details in here and here.

Ice Mixed Fruit Cocktail - Winter Warmers

Tuna Chunky Cracker - Winter Warmers

Flowery Blossom - Haagen Dazs

4th – Esprit Cap. Details in here.

Esprit Cap

5th – Pashmina Shawl. Details in here.

Pashmina Shawl

6th – 1 carton milk

Dutch Lady Milk

7th – new handphone pouch…my old one broke d…

Handphone Pouch

8th – My Amway skin care and supplement – one of the expensive one…

Amway skincare

9th – Online package ==”

*sigh*… so I’m officially broke now….but I still want to go PC fair kok…. kakakaa….Got to buy memory card, my camera’s remote control, external hard disk …I’m geng ler? I just need more money! 😛

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1 SY { 08.05.09 at 11:22 PM }

LOL..at least what you bought and did are worth the value 😉

2 hayley { 08.06.09 at 8:23 AM }

hmm.. bought so many things but still got the tendency to shop for more things?? haha got side incomes isit? :p
but true la, so many temptations around us (like what i’ve mentioned in my blog).. i’m also broke :/

3 ~ ivy ~ { 08.06.09 at 8:39 AM }

@SY I wish lor….must make it work…

@hayley well…I think I got shopaholic syndrome now… just keep buying and buying… especially now can buy online… ==”

4 EinsamSoldat { 08.06.09 at 9:49 PM }

You are really patriotic 😀 Spend more to stimulate sluggish economy.

5 ~ ivy ~ { 08.06.09 at 11:00 PM }

@EinsamSoldat lol…. ya lor…u can do the same one 😛

6 cmei { 08.09.09 at 11:23 AM }

u all can help me stimulate economy oso.. buy me stuffssss.. wahahaha

7 ~ ivy ~ { 08.09.09 at 2:55 PM }

@cmei *blek* mai.. 😛

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