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Win yourself a LV Neverfull bag

I test this out just based on curiosity … I’m not a lucky person… I never won anything in my life.. for lucky draw…so…I just do this for fun…cuz it just need 3 simple steps…

You can see that there is the description of this contest…

Details of Win a LV Neverfull bag

Step 1:

Just fill in your particulars and click “Next”

Step 1-Fill in particulars

Step 2:

Let your friends know about this contest. The more you refer the higher chance you will win it

Step 2-Refer your friends and win

Step 3:

1. Copy and paste the URL to your Facebook wall and let everyone knows about it!

2. Put it in your website so people knows about it!

Step 3 - You are done!

That’s it! It is easy isn’t it? ^^

Some brief introduction about this shoppinglifestyle.com. They got all sorts of fashion updates, bags, beauty, make up, slimming, etc… all girls stuff…kinda cool. You can even discuss in their forums… so cool right?

Hmm…seems like I got another fashion website to check out already 😀

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1 SY { 08.06.09 at 8:25 PM }

Hey, cool!..Thanks for sharing. 🙂

2 hayley { 08.07.09 at 9:51 AM }

wah IF really win this arr, damn syiok lo!! 😉 one LV bag isnt cheap as we all know..
but i’m like u, dont have a good luck in this kinda FOC thing.. :/
anyway, good luck to u!

3 ~ ivy ~ { 08.07.09 at 9:54 AM }

@SY go join la 😛

@hayley haha….just saja join nia…don’t have high expectation 😛

4 SY { 08.08.09 at 9:28 PM }

I registered halfway..the form got problem 😛

5 Irenelim { 08.11.09 at 3:10 PM }

Nice nice, wish you good luck first. If I organize a contest like this will you support me? 🙂

6 ~ ivy ~ { 08.11.09 at 3:11 PM }

@Irenelim Sure! Provided I got high chance to win.. lol..just kidding 😛

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