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My holiday post #1: Departure from Penang to Perth

Finally I’m gona reveal where I’ve been to this 2 weeks.. lol… guess many of you have found the answer from my last post… sure yeah with the kangaroo pictures… who doesn’t know right?

Yes, I’m in Australia for 10 days! Stopped by KL for 3 days shopping spree! It was a great trip. Reason? It was supposed to be a budget trip but we have friends that added spices to our holiday + enjoyed myself very very much in Australia + bought a lot of things (not in Australia, but in KL.. lol)

Well.. in short… I really love Australia very much. The weather was just fine.. tho is considered very cold (for Spring) to me (but not the locals >.<)… but I really like the city especially Melbourne very much.

Special thanks to wonderful Stephanie for keeping us company and let us stay in her house, the sweet Michelle for fetching us around and letting us sleep in her bed with heater (sweet), the friendly Jessie for having dinner with us, the nice Melisa for staying up to open the house door for us, the thoughtful Pei San for bringing us around and let us sleep in her bed as well, the cute and funny Angelynn for showing us Adelaide and fetching us around, the kind Dancy for accompanying us, the great Sean for letting us sleep in his nice and new guest room, the funny Robin + Vivian for adding spices to our holiday, the warm Anthea and Alex for a short meet up in Melbourne … in case I forgot anyone I’m so sorry.. don’t mean to… but you guys really make a good host and excellent friends… I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest and you all had createdΒ  great memories for my 2009 holiday. Muaks and hope to see you guys again ^^

We were kinda worried on the H1N1 virus… so wore mask:

Us with the masks

>> No one else wore… non of the Australian in our flight wore mask.. @_@…

Since we had around 7 hours in LCCT before our flight to Perth.. which was in the midnight 12am >.< … so we hang around LCCT… nothing much I can say.. but Missy said it has improved a lot since the last time she’s been there… hmm… more shops and restaurant… lol….

The McDonald is still there (sure la!) Taste of Asia also still there… added Marrybrown, Old Town Kopitiam, KFC and some souvenir shops…



Had our dinner in Taste of Asia.. Missy ordered fried bihun special – which is fried bihun + curry chicken..RM 9.90.. I ordered Noodle soup.. RM 9.90 as well..

Fried bihun special

Kuey Teow Soup

Taste? Not bad.. and quite big bowl as well… Missy’s fried bihun was very dry for her πŸ™‚

Me with my kuey teow soup

My camera battery ran low around 7pm… so we found ourselves the power point and sat down to wait for it to get fully-charged…

After walking around LCCT, we realized one thing… a lot of foreigners were really daring. They just dare to leave their luggage unattended and check out the souvenir shop/newspaper shop @_@ Amazing isn’t it? Hello, this is Malaysia. Not your country which is safe from theft!

Saw this while charging my battery:

Unattended luggage

Since there was ample time before we boarded the plane.. we went to Old Town for the toast bread

Old town kopitiam toast

Finally it was time to go on board..Β  the Air Asia X

Air Asia X

>> erm… picture was actually taken when we were on the way back from Perth… cuz it was 12am in the morning and I’m supposed tobe in my bed!

The in-flight entertainment looks quite promising.. just that you need to pay RM 30 if you want to use it.. they have lots of movies, songs, games… not bad if you are taking long flight.. unless if you plan to sleep all the way then no point buying this.. lol…

In-flight entertainment

Meal I pre-ordered.. quite disappointing as it is just chicken + potato + 1 mineral water and cost RM 20 @_@

In-flight pre-ordered Meal

After 5 hours we finally reached Perth International Airport! Phew… backache already… *blek*

Anyway.. going through the immigration is super stressed up… so scared they detain us for detailed question… lol… they even have dogs to smell on your luggage.. just in case you try to be funny… lol… and the dog is Jack Russel… cool isn’t it? and it is very cute as well… πŸ˜€ The immigration chic that brought the dog out was also very cute and pretty *wink*

hehe…lucky we didn’t bring anything other than medicine… so they let us pass thru very fast … yipee Perth here we come!

Stephanie – Missy’s cousin was there waiting for us… but she said she needed to stop by Perth domestic airport to settle her work… so.. we waited for her in DOME for our very first Australian breakfast… lol….

Outside Dome

>> Perth domestic airport… just outside DOME

Dome hot chocolate

>> Hot chocolate served with 2 marshmallow.. niceee….

Dome breakfast set

>> We didn’t drink coffee and tea.. so just ordered hot chocolate… Stephanie showed us “the look”.. lol… cuz Australia is famous for its coffee πŸ˜€ Missy joked that she purposely went to Australia and tasted their Dome cafe when she didn’t even try it in Penang.. lol…

Look at my tired face

My tired look

And Missy still looked very fresh when she didn’t sleep much in the flight @_@

Missy fresh look

Stephanie fetched us home to wash up and got ready for our first day… we planned to go Fremantle… but Stephanie said the Fremantle market doesn’t open on Monday.. so ended up we were at Swan Bell Tower

Swan Bell Tower

>> Kinda disappointing.. cuz from the website it looks perfect… lol… but when I saw the real thing… I was like @_@… I even printed out a discount voucher of AUD 5..

Cloudy weather on that day

Cloudy weather

There was the Wheel of Perth beside the Swan Bell Tower:

Wheel of Perth

Us with Wheel of Perth

Perth city view:

Perth City

Missy and Stephanie:

Missy and Stephanie

>> Look at Missy.. she was wearing the jacket of Stephanie.. cuz we din’t expect it will be so cold during spring… lol…

Stephanie brought us to Perth city centre and we walked on our own…she got to go back to work…

We had our lunch at the recommended Taka Japanese restaurant and it was great!

Taka Japanese food

The set was really worth it and it was shared by us… and it cost AUD 7.30 only with free flow of green tea… ya ya… the green tea looks orangie.. lol…

Me @ Taka restaurant

Then we walked around Perth city… some of the snap shots:

Perth city

>> The very famous branded lane

Perth city 2

>> Shopping street… which you can see a lot of people walking around this street.. funny thing is that they don’t have to work even it is Monday!

Perth city 3

>> Sausage stall which smells really good!

Perth city 4

>> Some street statue

London Court

>> This is London Court which I didn’t know it till the next day @_@… inside got lots of shops to shop around.. too bad we didn’t went in..

Perth city 5

>> Some alley that I found quite nice.. lol πŸ˜€

We crossed over to the other side of the street and headed to Perth Museum….

Me @ State Library

>> Just outside the State Library

Me @ State library

>> Tada! The State Library.. kinda big.. but we didn’t go in…


>> Although it is spring now, but there were no leaves on the trees yet… they said itΒ  was just the beginning of Spring..

The Western Australian Museum was just beside
the State Library

Western Australian Museum

>> We didn’t went in cuz it says need to give some donation and we kinda stingy to do that … lol...

Don’t have where to go… so we bought a drink and rest at Forrest Chase there… cost us AUD 3.70 for this bottle of powerade..the most expensive isotonic drink I have tasted but it tasted really nice…


Went to see how they make roc candy/they called it lollies… pretty amazing…

ROC candy

>> the work table is actually a hot plate. The sweets will melt or change to their preferred size with the high temperature…

Roc candy

>> They are soooo colourful ! Most of them tasted sweet and sour… ^^

We were kinda bored already as we don’t plan to shop on our first day… wana save the money for the rest of the days… so we called up Stephanie.. she still stucked at her work… we went to eat the super attractive sausage by the road side… and it was huge! AUD 4

Huge sausage

We walked here and there till we were sooooooooo bored… went to try their KFC fries cuz Stephanie recommended us to try it… she said we won’t like the fries back home once we tasted their KFC fries @_@…


Huge fries

>> Their fries really huge… and they put chicken salt… tasted sweet and salty… hmm… Missy and I really like it tho.. lol….

It rained around 5pm… we waited Stephanie by the shoplot… and we saw another funny scene.. Perth’s people’s umbrellas are super small…they all used the folder umbrella (which is small size one) even a big guy… so.. it is quite funny to see a big guy with a small umbrella… girls still alright… but big guy? hmm… funny πŸ˜›

Got picked up by Stephanie at 6pm… went for Vietnamese restaurant with Jessie… I don’t have Jessie’s pic… she didn’t allow Stephanie snap her pic πŸ™

Vietnamese Restaurant

Me - pic taken by Stephanie

>> Me – pic taken by Stephanie.. it was pretty cold out there.. even when we were in the restaurant

Vietnamese poh piah

>> Vietnamese poh piah

Vietnamese fried vege

>> Vietnamese fried vege

Vietnamese roast chicken

>> Vietnamese fried fish

Vietnamese roast chicken

>> Vietnamese roast chicken

Super full! There were left over… so Jessie brought it back… for her lunch box the next day πŸ™‚

Reached home is only 8.30pm… I felt sleepy already…Missy didn’t allow me to sleep early .. she said it was a waste to sleep so early @_@… so we talked to Stephanie awhile…

We are going to see flowers tomorrow. Yipee!

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1 SY { 09.25.09 at 8:43 PM }

Wonderful memories! πŸ˜‰

2 hayley { 09.26.09 at 8:22 AM }

jealous lo =__=
but Australia is really a great place huh… hmm, might plan to visit it some times..
but u r so lucky. got so many nice people to accompany u through out the whole trip. hehe.

3 ~ ivy ~ { 09.26.09 at 8:32 AM }

@SY Yeah!

@hayley lol… mai jealous la… go on ur honeymoon *wink* ya lor… got friends there ma… then they r all awesome people πŸ˜€

4 SY { 09.26.09 at 8:45 AM }

Awww…the Taka Japanese food is so yummy..Miss it soooooo much…

5 SY { 09.26.09 at 9:19 AM }

Oh ya, thankssss so much to all the wonderful friends (mentioned above) who had made our trip a superb one! If you guys are reading this, special hug for all of you! πŸ˜‰

6 cmei { 09.26.09 at 12:00 PM }

waaa,, nice nice.. syiok giler…

7 ~ ivy ~ { 09.26.09 at 12:04 PM }

@cmei sure nice la… lol…

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