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Baby Darren’s swollen face, hand, ear

Today baby’s face suddenly swollen. Mom said this morning wasn’t so serious…but just now was soo serious till mom kept grumbling there… >.< Not sure he got bitten by what… or allergy to what food or what ever la..

See his swollen hand, ear and face:

Darren's swollen handDarren's red red earDarren swollen faceDarren swollen earDarren swollen face 2Darren swollen face 4Darren swollen face 3

See how red is his ear? he felt nothing at all >.< He dun feel itchy or pain or anything.. still can laugh when I play with him and cry when got scolded by me .. hmm… He is a tough kid 😛

>> Update: Darren’s face is getting better after mom gave him medicine. However the scar still there… sad…

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1 SY { 10.28.09 at 9:39 PM }

Bring him to see doctor as soon tho. Probably bitten by bugs.

2 Stephen { 10.28.09 at 9:49 PM }

Hope he gets good medical attention. and recovers too!!

3 kenwooi { 10.28.09 at 10:25 PM }

owh.. recover well ya! =)

4 popoyan { 10.28.09 at 11:00 PM }

got bring him go see doctor?
looks like bitten by some insect.

5 littlepotato { 10.29.09 at 7:01 AM }

aiyor….need to see doctor le…scare become serious nia..

6 ~ ivy ~ { 10.29.09 at 7:40 AM }

@SY ya ya.. will bring him go today

@Stephen Thanks 🙂

@kenwooi Yeap! Thanks

@popoyan today bring him go lor… ya.. should be bitten by insect >.< @littlepotato sure need see lo.. today will bring him go.. lol...

7 Hayley { 10.29.09 at 8:30 AM }

i think should be bed bug..
hope he will get well soon!!

8 ~ ivy ~ { 10.29.09 at 8:37 AM }

@Hayley ya lor..shoud be lor.. Thanks ya 🙂

9 sansanlee { 11.01.09 at 12:42 PM }

aiyooo….ko lian loh…see doctor liao? how is he now? hope he will get well soon!!!!

10 ~ ivy ~ { 11.02.09 at 8:53 AM }

@sansanlee ya lor… very ko lian him… din see doc cuz grandma gave him medic to eat.. then recovered d.. now d scar still there.. >.<

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