I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Daorae dinner with family

Sister wanted to eat korean food… and she saw from my blog about Daorae… so she suggested we go there for our Friday dinner….

I waited very long for them cuz bro-in-law was working late… by the time I reached Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, it was 7.30pm… with a few people in line… and full house! WOW! What was so special today that everyone went for korean food? >.<

Anyway… I waited for awhile…I really wanted to take the upstairs tatami type seat… but they were all taken… and I didn’t really want to wait.. so I just got the normal table for 4 😛

Finally they arrived…. so I just ordered 2 BBQ – Soy sauce seasoned pork and spicy seasoned chicken, 1 Kimchi-Jjirae and 1 ginseng chicken soup.

Vege @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 2Daorae Korean BBQ RestaurantSoy sauce seasoned pork @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 3Spicy chicken @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 4Kimchi-jjirae @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 5Ginseng Chicken @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 6

They gave us complimentary steam egg and small size pan cake.. niceeeee

Sis & Baby Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 7Family @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 8Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 9Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 10

I really like to dine-in at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant… the service is good, the environment is very cozy, the food is nice…. the best part? They gave 9 small plates of appetizers… korean food is famous for their small plate appetizers.. especially the kim chi plate.. niceeeeeee

Another best part? Free flow of tea for every order… and free flow of vege if you order BBQ … cool? Yes I think so 😀

My besties kept suggesting me to have the Kimchi-jjirae @ Chang Chun Guan..cuz it is better than Daorae… It is situated just opposite Daorae… I have never been there seriously … cuz I really really like Daorae…


1. Chang Chun Guan’s food is much more expensive

2. They do not provide the small small appetizers like Daorae did for FOC… they charge 1 small plate for RM 3 @_@ I know.. really crazy…

3. The best seller – Kimchi-jjirae is the best… but they do not come with 1 free rice which Daorae does…

Say me unfair or being bias or calculative, but come on la… Chang Chun Guan charges you for everything you order… erm….sure dine-in at Daorae better right? You all agree with me right? 😛 but seriously … I really can’t complain much on Daorae as this is the best Korean Restaurant I’ve tasted so far (please don’t compare having such food in Korea.. there is the origin of all korean food in Malaysia.. sure there will be so much nicer 😛 )… now I’m giving free advertorial to Daorae… lol…

I’m sure I will test out how does Chang Chun Guan’s food taste like… but not so soon… currently need to save more money… lol…

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1 Hayley { 10.18.09 at 9:27 PM }

Wow.. yummy yummy food!! makes me hungry nia.. =__= will love to try it one day!!

2 SY { 10.19.09 at 7:13 AM }

The BBQ… looked so delicious..

3 ~ ivy ~ { 10.19.09 at 8:08 AM }

@Hayley lol.. you should try it out 🙂

@SY ya lor.. d BBQ nice ler…

4 Sherine { 03.14.10 at 3:36 PM }

MY personal opinion
-> Daorae – best BBQ and service are best among the few I’ve visited.
-> Chang Chun Guan – The best Kimchi Chijae and Stone fried rice. Does not serve appertizer abd you need to pay for your green tea!! which is a MINUS minus minus minus
-> Korean palace – Kimchi Chijae not bad, comparable to Chang Chun Guan, and comes with rice (thus cheaper in price). BBQ…erm… no fight for Daorae + more expensive too! Good thing they serve appertizers and free drinks.

Go Daorae if you are eating BBQ
Go Korean palace if you wanna eat Kimchi Chijae
Go Chang Chun Guan if you have alot of money to spend…

5 ~ ivy ~ { 03.15.10 at 11:15 AM }

@Sherine ya ya… I know Chang Chun Guan got the best Kimchi soup… and they don’t serve appetizer which is why I didn’t pay them a visit yet.. lol…

Wah! Then don’t want to try Korean palace d… lol… 🙂

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