I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My holiday post #5: Melbourne City

Finally compiled the pictures for Melbourne City into a few pictures only… phew… I have chosen around 100 pictures just for this 1 day @ Melbourne City… really shocking ler… so I have to cut into a few smaller ones… lol…else one post has got 100 pictures??! @_@ Some of the pictures are too small… click for a bigger size ya 🙂

Anyway, back to my Melbourne day out.. the sweet Pei San took a day off to bring us around… she was very tired… so we woke up late… we got ready by 11am… walked to Melbourne City’s most famous lane for our breakfast:

Melbourne City

Melbourne City 2

>> Bought a bread sandwich @ $3.50 as our breakfast

We walked to Federation Square to eat our breakfast… and Pei San was enjoying the sunny day… it was quite warm today.. 🙂

Federation Square

There were a lot of wild seagulls flocking around this area…

Seagulls @ Melbourne citySeagull @ Melbourne City

Just directly opposite the Federation Square is Flinder Street Station, one of the main train stations in Melbourne City

Me & Missy @ Flinder Street StationMe & Missy in front of Flinder Street Station

Some pictures of Melbourne city, which include the opera house, Yarra River, St Paul’s church:

Melbourne City 3

Next is Treasury Garden:

Treasury Garden @ Melbourne city

Melbourne City 4Me @ Melbourne City 5

These ducklings were sooo cute ler…

Duckling @ Treasury Garden

Pei San & MissyTreasury Garden @ Melbourne City 6

>> We spent a lot of time here… just to snap pictures… lol… Pei San was enjoying the sun at the bench…

After we were done with photos snapping, we crossed over to James Cook’s cottage.. saw an Ice-Cream van… kinda cute.. so we thought of giving it a try:

Ice-Cream Van @ Melbourne City 7
Ice-Cream @ Melbourne City 8

>> Cost us $ 4.50 for this @_@

On the way into James Cook’s cottage, we passed by a conservatory… inside were full of flowers

Conservatory @ Melbourne City 9Beside Conservatory @ Melbourne City 10

>> That’s Pei San with her back facing us LOL

Inside the conservatory:

Me @ ConservatoryConservatoryMe @ Conservatory 2Conservatory 2

James Cook’s cottage! Just a simple cottage… but also cost us $ 4.50 per entry:

James cook's cottage @ Melbourne City 11

Then we walked back to Melbourne City…the weather changed suddenly… from sunny to cloudy… so we got to walk faster.. they said Melbourne weather is very unpredictable… one day can have 4 seasons in it… Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter..

Melbourne City 12

Walked past Melbourne City Museum, Windsor Hotel (Melbourne Oldest hotel), State Library and Parliament of Victoria:

Parliment of Victoria @ Melbourne City

>> Melbourne people have the tradition to snap their wedding pictures here… but I don’t know why.. 😛

Melbourne City 13

Shop @ Supre .. nothing matched our needs… better shop in Malaysia cuz of the size and price problem… lol….

Next, Max Brenner! In case you don’t know… it is a must to try whenever you go to Melbourne.. They are famous for their CHOCOLATE! And they serve all kind of chocolates! Damn cool ler? But also very heaty 😛 Tho I’m not a chocolate person…but I feel very excited to have my share of chocolate here… the waffle was just so crispy and tasty.. yummy!

Max Brenner @ Melbourne City 14Me @ Max Brenner

>> We ordered “soukao” and “tutti fruity waffle”… they were just yummylicious! Cost us $18

After Max Brenner… we went to have a walk @ Melbourne Central.

Melbourne central @ Melbourne City 15

Pei San suggested we try their cupcakes… so we bought the mini cupcakes and had a try… quite nice… not that sweet 🙂 $ 2 each

Mini cupcakes @ Melbourne City 16

Been out for the whole day.. so we went home to have a rest… Sweet sweet Pei San prepared cheese platter for us to have a try at their different kind cheeses 🙂 The platter included 2 types of cheese, strawberry, some duno-what-dip, biscuit.. too excited till forgot to snap pic 😛

Night we walked to Crown Casino for our dinner…on the way to Crown Casino:

Crown CasinoCrown Casino 2Me on the way to Crown Casino

We simply chose one of the cafes for our dinner… with a moderate price… that would be a food court type.. lol… budget ma

Again..shared this dinner with Missy… sharing is caring ma (don’t know what ads ei slogan) 😛

Dinner @ Crown Casino 4Dinner @ Crown Casino 5

>> The first one was ordered by Missy which was BBQ chicken + 2 sidelines…. the second one ordered by me was the chicken salad! We also ordered 1 mineral water and pumpkin soup.. cuz I feel like having a hot bowl of soup and they only have pumpkin ==” Anyway, this meal cost us $ 20.20

After dinner we walked around… went to Crown Casino’s hotel…the ceiling wall got musical light.. damn cool la!

Musical light @ Crown Casino 6

Then we walked out to the riverside… there will be fireworks every hour @ Crown Casino… I thought was the real fireworks which I love very much… ended up was “fire” + “works”.. quite disappointing >.< It was just fire coming out from the poles

Crown fireworks @ Crown Casino 7

Crown Casino is famous for their Greco’s cheese cake as well… and there were so many varieties… but the cheese cake is quite costly… $9.50 per piece >.< I’m not a cheese cake person.. ya ya.. I don’t mind cheese but not cheese cake.. 😛

Greco's Cheese cake @ Crown Casino 8

>> There were too many choices…  strawberry cheese cake finally caught our attentions… I actually had my eyes on the strawberries only … lol

Anyway, Pei San went to meet up with her friends… so we walked around Crown Casino on our own…. with the Greco’s cheese cake in our hands… it was pretty hard to resist it .. lol….so… we found a place to sit down… and had our share of cheese cake + I went to buy a garden salad … ya ya.. again you will be wondering… why I always ordered salad? Cuz there was too much of meat here and no vege!!!! I’m a vege person… so I must have a lot of vege 😀

Tada! My garden salad which cost me $9 ==” damn ex la…. *sigh*.. what to do…the food stalls were situated in Crown casino… and you all should know casino is famous for the expensive food… even the food was just a normal hawker food >.<

Garden Salad @ Crown Casino 9

We got the house key from Pei San as she would be hanging out with friends till late night… and will walk home…

On the way out .. we saw this huge crab and lobster outside a restaurant…

Crab + Lobster @ Crown Casino 10

I’m drop dead tired when I reached home… too much of walking .. lol… but it was an enjoyable day… and I really love Melbourne!

Coming up next is Queen Victoria Market + St Kilda’s beach + meet up with Anthea @ Lygon Street! Yipee! Stay tuned ya! xoxo

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1 SY { 10.13.09 at 8:58 PM }

Yipee..so many different types of food..Hehe 😉

2 Hayley { 10.14.09 at 8:23 AM }

U went Supre ar? how was it?? i’ve been wanting to shop at Supre… but no chance yet…

3 ~ ivy ~ { 10.14.09 at 9:02 AM }

@SY u also eat ma 😛

@Hayley erm…. erm…. the clothes so so lo… a lot of it.. see till hin hin… but not that cheap la…need to earn AUD and spend there only worth it..cuz the material not that good only… lol…

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5 sansanlee { 10.15.09 at 10:55 PM }

wow!!!i like the cakes and ice-cream!!!!

6 ~ ivy ~ { 10.16.09 at 8:27 AM }

@sansanlee Yes, the cakes are very nice… indeed they are very very famous in Melbourne as well *wink*

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