I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My holiday post #6: Last day in Melbourne

This day has come.. today will be my last day in Melbourne … I’m sure going to miss Melbourne very very much… which is expected one… I miss Melbourne now!

Okie.. We went to Queen Victoria’s Market early 9am… we took a tram there… cost us $ 6.80 each person… It was a very good day today .. sunny day..

Pei San & Me @ Melbourne TramMe @ Melbourne Tram

>> Pei San & I in the Melbourne tram…

The entrance of Queen Victoria’s Market… this market is more happening over the weekend..

Queen Victoria's MarketQueen Victoria's Market 2

We had our breakfast in Queen Victoria’s Market.. very famous German food – sausage and very nice here… and there was really a lot of people waiting to buy the food… it was really humungous :

Bratwurst @ Queen Victoria's Market 3Westwurt @ Queen Victoria's Market 4Me with the westwurt @ Queen Victoria's Market 5

>> Cost us $6.80 cuz we added extra cheese… the topping that you see – the yellowish one.. is seasoned vege in German style… sour sour one.. but very nice.. hehe…

We sat down to have our breakfast while Pei San met up with her friends a while…there was a lot of sections in this market… dry section, fish section, meat section, fruits & vege section, clothing section, etc… cool right?

Dry section @ Queen Victoria Market 6

>> Dry section… consisted of a lots of sausages and seasoned food here… I was scared to snap pictures cuz don’t know whether I can snap or not.. so just curi curi snap.. lol…

Then we walked to the fruits & vege section… the one I love most was their capsicum cuz “it” was really very very huge and fresh!

Fruits & Vege @ Queen Victoria Market 7

>> Saw a few lads snap openly so I also follow.. lol.. 😛 the strawberries looked so nice.. so we bought 1 box @ $1.50 only! Later on we found some other stalls selling even cheaper – 3 box only $ 4 only when it was almost time to close down… cool

Ok! Finally came to the entrance of the clothing section..girl’s favourite!

Me @ Queen Victoria's Market 8Clothing @ Queen Victoria Market 9

>> Didn’t really snap a lot here cuz nothing much interesting.. lol.. I prefer their fruits & vege section more.. 😛

Didn’t buy a lot of things there.. just bought some souvenirs and nougats… their nougats were a bit cheaper than in Malaysia

Saw this doughnut car… a lot of people was lining up… Pei San said that it was very nice and we ought to try… so we bought 2 pieces to try @ $1.80… really very nice lor .. got strawberry fillings… nicee…

Donut @ Queen Victoria's Market 1

We walked home to put down our things…then we went to St Kilda’s beach… yes, beach! This day was a good weather to go to beach 🙂

>> Correction here.. my last post mentioned that Pei San’s prepared cheese platter for us.. but it was actually today – this post, which after we went home… lol… miss d cheese platter too much.. lol

Anyway… the tram tickets we bought earlier were a daily ticket… so we can still use it multiple times in a day… we took a tram to St Kilda’s beach…

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach 2

St Kilda's beach 3

It was quite windy when we reached there… look at Missy‘s reaction then will know.. lol

Missy @ St Kilda Beach 4Us @ St Kilda Beach 5

I have no problem with the wind cuz I have my sunglasses on.. lol

Me @ St Kilda's Beach 6Me @ St Kilda's Beach 7

Time for lunch.. we walked along the beach to the shoplots nearby… along the way, there was Luna Theme Park.. we didn’t go in cuz it was really small and there was a lot of bad comments on this Luna Theme Park

Luna Theme Park @ St Kilda's Beach 8Luna Theme Park @ St Kilda's Beach 9

We were hunting for which shop to go for our lunch because there were just so many… and I want to eat salad… really need my vege intake 😛

St Kilda's street @ St Kilda's Beach 10

We finally concluded to dine in one of the restaurant which provided pie and salad.. lol…Missy ordered the chicken pie and I ordered Caesar salad! Yes!

Caesar salad @ St Kilda's Beach 11Chicken Pie @ St Kilda's Beach 12Me @ St Kilda's Beach 13

Went back to Pei San’s house for a short nap.. lol.. woke up at 7pm for our dinner @ Lygon Street … gona meet up with Anthea 🙂

We simply chose one Italian restaurant for our dinner cuz Lygon street is famous for their Italian food…

Again I ordered chicken salad.. ya ya.. cuz I don’t like to eat so much meat.. Missy ordered Italian penne… super nice ler!

Warm chicken salad @ Lygon StreetItalian Penne @ Lygon Street 2Me with my salad @ Lygon Street 3Anthea and I @ Lygon Street 4

>> See I’m so fat compared to Anthea.. @_@

Lygon Street is not only famous for its Italian food.. it is also famous for its Italian Ice-cream – Gelati .. and also Brunetti – famous cake house!

That was around 9 something when we finished our dinner… we walked to the famous ice-cream shop which was recommended by someone – FREDO’s Ice-Cream… all the favourite ice-cream sold out >.< I just want to try their durian ice-cream la.. why so fast sold out one.. so I just simply ordered… and regretted so much cuz it was too sweet and I had to force myself finished it all … and to make things worst… Missy and I didn’t share this ice-cream.. meaning we ordered 2 FREDO’s ice-cream 🙁 cost us $ 4.80 each..

Fredo's ice-creamFredo's ice-cream 2

Then Pei San suggested that we walk to Brunetti.. she said the pastry there very nice and cute one.. Anthea also agreed on it 🙂

Cakes @ Brunetti

We were so full that we really couldn’t have any share of these nice and cute pastry.. but Pei San kept persuading Missy to try their tiramisu… so she bought one for a try… they even put it in a small container.. cute!

Tiramisu @ Brunetti 2

>> We didn’t manage to eat it that night… cuz really too full d… so we ate it the next day… it really tasted very nice 🙂

Phew… after so many blog posts of my Australia holiday… I next went to Adelaide after this Melbourne trip… so you guys stay tuned ya!

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1 SY { 10.15.09 at 10:14 PM }

Yea, last day..but a memorable one.

2 Kennee { 10.16.09 at 9:27 AM }

Hi there droppin’ by from innit NN… Cool blog… cool pics from ya Melbourne holidays… ^^
Btw… already nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here… ^^

3 ~ ivy ~ { 10.16.09 at 9:33 AM }

@SY lol… very memorable 😀

@Kennee Thanks again!

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