I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Celebration of Missy’s Birthday 13-Nov-09

Missy‘s birthday fell on 13-Nov-09 which was a Friday… she said it was a black friday… lol…

We were discussing where to have our dinner – Azuma Japanese Restaurant Queensbay OR Chang Chun Guan (Korean Food) at Crystal Point… she has never been to Azuma.. so we went there. 1 day before that I borrowed Azuma’s member’s card from Sher sher…

She was so excited till she look like this:

Missy @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant

A better shot:

Missy @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 2

As for me.. I had not cut my hair yet… so I looked like this:

Me @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 3

Bought this Pendant a few days ago in one of the Chinaman’s stalls Lower Ground Queensbay.. didn’t have chance to show it.. lol… I love it very much..very unique… and very expensive… cost me RM 40 after I bargained with the lady.. the price before was RM 50 >.< Too bad I’m not rich enough to fly to China and buy it… lol…

Pendant @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 5

We ordered total of 4 dishes:

Fresh Salmon @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 5

>> 1 Fresh Salmon which they were doing promotion

Edamame @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 6

>> Their edamane was really the best… compare to Sushi King and Sakae Sushi’s..

Fried Softcrab @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 7

>> Fried softcrab.. Missy loved it!

Grill Chicken set @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 8

>> Grill chicken set..also promotion set.. very nice lor…

Guo Tie @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 9

>> Forgot what this called.. I just called it as Guo Tie la… nice also… yummy…

Ikageso @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 10

>> Ikageso… hmm….Missy complained that this was grill one.. the one we ate in Sushi King is fried ei.. it’s ok la.. just eat nia la 😛

Niniku @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 11

>> Niniku.. grill garlic… cute name… RM 1 each cucuk…

Last but not least, me enjoying my food!

Me @ Azuma Japanese Restaurant 12

We didn’t go for movie or anywhere else…cuz need to go home pack for the next day.. which need to travel down to KL for company’s Movie day… >.<

There goes Missy’s birthday… Happy Birthday Missy! Tho this post is bit late.. but… I can’t wish you belated Birthday anymore cuz I wish you on that day already! 😛

P/S: Still owe her 2 secret receipe cake… last year one + this year one… >.<

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1 SY { 11.20.09 at 9:28 PM }

HMMmm…I’m hungry again. LOL. Thanks a lot a lot a lot a lot 😉

2 sansanlee { 11.23.09 at 8:29 PM }

Wah! Japanese cuisine for birthday leh…hehe..Happy Birthday…sing yee!!

3 SY { 11.23.09 at 9:59 PM }

Hmm..I take the chance to reply here.. Hehe..Thanks alysa! 🙂

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