I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My holiday post #8: Back to Perth again

Phew! Back to Perth again after my trip to Adelaide. We took midnight flight again… and we were flying with Tiger Airways again… lol…. so had to trouble Stephanie & Michelle to fetch us… and it was raining that night!!! Freaking cold >.< They even tapao/bungkus/ordered take-away KFC for us as our supper! But we were too tired.. so we went to sleep when we reached home…

Well.. Really thankful to Stephanie and Michelle… muaks… both of you are really really nice… love you girls so much. *shy*

Stephanie's house @ PerthMichelle's bed @ Perth 2

>> That is the nice house we “lodged” during our trip to Perth… and the cozy bed of Michelle that we slept on.. the bed even had heater to keep us warm.. niceeee

We slept till 7.30am… woke up so early to do what? Work.. yes.. you are right… we had to work on our holiday…  >.<

Since there were left over of KFC… we ate that as our breakfast while working + waiting for Stephanie to fetch us…

Turned out Michelle fetched us to Harbour Town cuz Stephanie was tied up with her work… Harbour Town Perth is one of the direct factory outlet in Perth. Missy and I loved this DFO so much compared to the DFO Spencer in Melbourne. Reason? They have Esprit and Nike which DFO Spencer doesn’t have… sad sad..

Harbour Town Perth 3

We had our lunch at one of the Japanese restaurant which was recommended by Michelle. The portion was quite small but tasted really nice.

Japanese Food for lunch @ Harbour Town Perth 4

I bought a bracelet for mom, a pair of Esprit Jeans @ $25 and Billabong Bag @ $15 here, while Missy bought a pair of Levi’s jeans only 😛

We tried Icey Ice as per Michelle’s recommendation… it was a very unique ice-cream… more like snowy ice-cream than the creamy type… cool! We had our share of Mango Icey Ice….

Icey Ice @ Harbour Town Perth 5

Michelle fetched us home around 4.30pm and we rested awhile… Stephanie was busy with her work 🙂

We met up at a Japanese restaurant in town … Stephanie brought Jessie along… she even brought red wine … Hmm….yummy? 😛

Japanese Food Dinner @ Perth 5

>> The Japanese food was really niceeeeee… fresh and nicely cooked… with the same price, I doubt I can find such nicely cooked Japanese food in Malaysia… ya ya… don’t count the conversion rate la 😛 but their wasabi was not that spicy… hehe…

After dinner Michelle fetched us to get chips to bring back to Malaysia… yes… I bought a few packets of Australia famous chips – Smith’s back to Malaysia! Good things must share with friends and family ma…I bought for my besties and family… hehe… Missy bought Red Rocks chips for herself… I didnn’t like Red Rocks’ taste 😛

Back home slept straight away … very tired….


Next day… got ready to go to Aquarium of Western Australia – AQWA. Stephanie didn’t accompany us as she had work to do… so we got to find our plans of the day…

AQWA @ Perth 6

Entrance: $26.50… I can say… super not worth it!!!!! Even Langkawi Underwater World is sooooooooo much better and had more animals than AQWA…

AQWA @ Perth 7AQWA @ Perth 8

It took us less than 2 hours to finish the “tour” in AQWA >.< really nothing to see lor… sien….

We walked to nearby Mall to have our lunch…. with the budget concept in mind… we had Kebab! Cheap + Big… really filling 😛

Kebab @ AQWA Perth 10Kebab @ AQWA Perth 11

Saw a very cool things at the Mall there…. COLD ROCK ICE-CREAM! which was similiar to Cold Stone in USA!!! OMG! Miss this ice-cream soooooooooooooooooooooooo much… Couldn’t express how happy I was!

We bought 1 small size to share… cost us around $5… which was almost the same price as in USA (USD)

Cold Rock @ AQWA Perth 12Cold Rock @ AQWA Perth 13

>> The flavour of the ice-cream was Rum & Raisin (My favourite) + Strawberries.. thumbs up!

>> Bought a Billabong purse & Billabong handbag @ the mall… 🙂 Last minute shopping…

Stephanie fetched us at 4.15pm and went home to rest a while…

Night we went to this restaurant which was famous for steak… Michelle, Stephanie & Missy ordered Steak… I couldn’t take beef… so I ordered other things… which was sooooooo big portion >.< regretted… couldn’t finish it… >.<

Last dinner @ Perth 14Last dinner @ Perth 15

>> Pictures were very blur >.< I didn’t want to use flash…. *sigh* will improve my skills for night pictures…My platter… all meat… >.< Should have ordered salad 😛

Reached home 7.45pm… very sleepy d… but still drank beer with Stephanie and chatted with her…

So long Australia… gona miss you very very very much… cuz I have really fallen in love with you already… sad… 100 billion time sad…

P.S: Things I bought in AUS:

Things I bought in AUSChocolate from AUS

>> The easter egg’s chocolates were given by Stephanie

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1 SY { 11.06.09 at 9:34 PM }

Yeah..last day on Earth..but this is Perth. Hehe..Remember the song?

2 Hayley { 11.07.09 at 8:39 AM }

hmm, i like Nougat, any left overs for me?? :p

3 ~ ivy ~ { 11.10.09 at 12:31 PM }

@SY ya lo… sad sad…sure remember la! The song we both love 🙂

@Hayley got kok ler…Apricot flavour ei… u come my house tk la 😛

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