I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My Singapore short trip on 23-25 Oct 09

This is another out-dated blog. I don’t have time to post it cuz too many blogs waiting to be posted before this one.. lol.. (sounds like I’m so busy.. but I’m really so busy ma :P)

Anyway, the main purpose was to attend Nuffnang Asia Pacific blog awards dinner. Iwas not one of the lucky winner. I’m just a sleeping member of Nuffnang Malaysia. LoL…

Anyway, it was a grand event and I won’t be posting much info about that cuz too many people blog about it. I’m representing my company to attend…so nothing much to blog about also… if I’m one of the nominated blog owner then it will be a different story. LOL…

We reached there around 5pm. Straight to hotel check-in. Then went to search for something to eat.

Food b4 NN Singapore

Me & SY @ Nuffnang Singapore

The hotel’s dinner.. ahem *cough* was not that filing at all. The soup not bad. The appetizer also not bad. The main course also not bad. Of all that were not bad… they were bad cuz they were not filling at all. The dessert was too sweet for me.. and so small piece. If it tasted nice, then sure not enough la! But lucky it didn’t taste nice at all… so… small piece was enough 😛 I just ate the strawberry only… what a waste >.<

Appetizer @ NN Singapore 2Main Course @ NN Singapore 3Dessert @ NN Singapore 4

Super tired that day. Dozed off once I hit the bed. The hotel on the other hand, was really nice. We stayed in Link Hotel situated at Tiong Bahru there… very simple and cozy. The funny part, we were on the same table as the Link Hotel’s staff. LOL…

Link Hotel @ Singapore 7

The next day we had a very simple breakfast then off we go to meet up Erin. It’s been like 3 years since I last saw her. Well… I met her when I was on my Work and Travel USA programme to Sandusky, Ohio, USA. We were housemates back then. Then she went to Berkeley for her studies and I back to Malaysia for my studies. I kept telling her I will be going SG very soon… but the soon was 3 years later… LOL.. so funny…

Missy and I took MRT to her house. She came to meet us up. We put the luggage back home then out to Haji Lane.

Haji Lane is the latest shopping places for Singaporean. The clothing there was unique and they even have blog shops there. The design was quite special. But pricing wise… hmm…only some were worth to buy. 🙂 I saw one nice shoe.. wanted to buy… which is SGD 54… Missy asked me come back Penang to buy cuz might be cheaper… but till now I can’t find the similar one.. sad.. blame her

Haji Lane Singapore 7

After Haji Lane, we went to the newly opened shopping mall ION mall @ Orchard Road.

Nice car @ ION Mall Singapore 8Me @ ION Mall Singapore 9ION Mall Singapore 10Erin & I @ ION Mall Singapore 11Missy & I @ ION Mall Singapore 12ION Singapore 10

Dinner at this cafe.. forgot the name…should be P.S Cafe… need booking one >.< Environment very nice… cosy and quiet…

Erin’s friend was working that night and we got free fries from him while we were waiting for the boys for almost 1 hours!!!

P.S Cafe @ Singapore 13P.S Cafe @ Singapore 14Fries @ Singapore 15Salad - P.S Cafe @ Singapore 16Cucuk Chicken - P.S Cafe @ Singapore 17

Nah! These two guys made us waited for them 1 hour – Marcus and Britmand >.<

Us - P.S Cafe @ Singapore 18

>> Met them in Work and Travel USA programme as well… 🙂 Britmand in the same department as Sherine and Erin, Marcus and I were in the same department, same food stall 🙂

After dinner we walked around that area and took a cab to Orchard … need to use MRT back home ma… 🙂 Met Sheryl, Lionel, Marisa, etc at Orchard. hehe…Didnt take any pictures.

The next day we went to the mall near MRT station for our lunch. But the restaurant didn”t allow us to take pictures… sien… I took the food picture only one nia… sad….

Erin and I @ Singapore 20Lunch @ Singapore 20

Time to go home… sad sad… 1 weekend over d… Erin gave me one Victoria Secret lotion… which she promised to send me ages ago… lol… but we didn’t have check in luggage… and the lotion was 200ml… >.< I tried to purchase some liquid in the duty free shops… but they directly sealed the bag.. so I couldn’t put the lotion in… in the end… I bought 2 small bottles fr Guardian which cost me 1.50 SGD!!! MoThaFuCker… so Freaking EXPENSIVE LA!!! Bo huat..I need to save the VS Lotion cuz it’s Erin’s presents to me..

So it looks like this:

Victoria Secret Lotion from Erin 22

There goes my weekend…. a very very short and rush trip to Singapore. But thanks to Erin and Mom that allowed us to stay at their place.. Thanks to them! Cheers!

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1 SY { 11.19.09 at 11:07 PM }

Yea, thanks a lot to Erin!!! 🙂 Nice meeting Marcus and Britmand. The fries tasted a lot nicer than the ones here. Hehe..

2 JC { 11.20.09 at 3:48 PM }

Hi Ivy, i like your new blog header with your cool photos. Just dropped by to give you free $mile 🙂 have a nice weekend.. ~

p/s: where’s your chatbox? 🙂

3 ~ ivy ~ { 11.20.09 at 3:57 PM }

@SY Ya ya.. with lots of cheese on top 😛

@JC Thanks! I don’t have chatbox. 😛

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