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Yay! I’m broke again

Well well well…. like my title says it all… I’m broke again…this will be a super short post… compared to my past blog posts.. hehe… short and simple right? 😛


1. Spent on food too much.

2. Spent on petrol.

3. Went on a short holiday with besties.

4. Been broke since I returned from my last trip to Australia.

5. I bought extra make up stuff on Saturday @ Parkson Gurney -> 21-Nov-09

Kose Eye Shadow @ Parkson Gurney

>> Kose Eye Shadow RM 99 + Free loose powder -> erm…I was actually searching for eye shadow palette.. been thinking of buying it online for Victoria Secret – Goddness Clutch.  But till the end I didn’t buy it…cuz the shipping cost was way too expensive and it was in USD… (actually I think it is quite cheap…but… it is more expensive than this Kose Eye shadow by a few MYR) 😛

While I’m looking for the VS URL, I found this eye shadow which has 18 eye shadow… OMFG!!!! why din I notice it earlier?!@#$%^&**&^%$$$#$#

*sigh*… sad sad…

Bought another thing there at the same time:

Benefit San Francisco @ Parkson Gurney 2

>> Yay! Benefit! Been considering should I get myself a DR. G BB Cream or this Benefit That Gal… but when I went there tested it out.. I couldn’t resist anymore. The price in Gurney was much more expensive than online around RM 20-50, depends on the product. However, there is a catch of buying online. You have got to spend > USD 115 in order for you to get the free shipping… *sigh*.. meaning you need to spend around RM 425.50 if the conversion rate is USD 1 = RM 3.70.

Then the make up remover… Need to use it IF I’m using BB Cream or That Gal… so I bought from Benefit since I wanted to get it in the first place…

>> Total spent: RM 128 + RM 95 = RM 223… The sales promoter was very helpful and nice… she even gave me tester on the eye concealer (SO easy she had satisfied one..should have asked for more sample ma hor? ) hehe…I “wat” her for their Xmas bag… which customers need to buy their Xmas set only entitled for it… 🙂

Later on added a new scarf into my collection…..this cost me RM 20…I’m a scarf lovers.. Missy said my face already betrayed me… so the salesgirl won’t reduce the price after I bargained for it… >.<

So yes, I’m officially broke again.. yay! I’m an official shopaholic also 😛

P/S: my super short post became long again…*sigh*… Y I didnt see the VS eye shadow? *sigh*

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1 SY { 11.23.09 at 9:57 PM }

Hehe..you arrrr.. *blek*

2 Hayley { 11.25.09 at 10:13 AM }

wah suddenly stock up so many cosmetic huh.. hehe.
eh i saw ur FB status last week, so did u buy the hair curler in the end?

3 ~ ivy ~ { 11.25.09 at 9:05 PM }

@SY Blek

@Hayley er..not suddenly la…just need it ma…didnt buy before that nia.. lol… Ya.. I bought d… hehe…not very useful cuz I need to blow also…

4 Hayley { 11.26.09 at 10:00 AM }

ic.. somehow need to blow baru nice eh.
i wish to buy that curlers before, but too many ady, i just need one. mind to sell one to me? :p

5 ~ ivy ~ { 11.26.09 at 12:38 PM }

@Hayley lol… mine is not the hard hard one ler… mine is sponge type.. sleep oso can put ei… hehe…ya lo.. need to buy a few in a pack… erm… hw u wan me send it to u? 😛

6 Hayley { 11.26.09 at 3:34 PM }

oo, sponge type good meh? can curl bo?

7 ~ ivy ~ { 11.26.09 at 3:42 PM }

@Hayley sponge ei sleep can use ma…hehe…

8 Hayley { 11.26.09 at 4:19 PM }

i know la, but can curl bo?

9 ~ ivy ~ { 11.26.09 at 5:07 PM }

@Hayley U want to curly your fringe or the back of your hair?

10 Hayley { 11.27.09 at 9:56 AM }

i wan curl my fringe..

11 ~ ivy ~ { 11.27.09 at 10:28 AM }

@Hayley Can curl but need blow ur hair oso ei.

12 Hayley { 11.28.09 at 11:00 PM }

ok, blow i dont mind, as long as got result.. hehe

13 ~ ivy ~ { 11.28.09 at 11:35 PM }

@Hayley LOL… see when u come down PG then I pass it to u la..waste money post it to u 😛 SMS me lor..

14 Hayley { 11.30.09 at 9:12 AM }

hmm, okok! 😉

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