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Watchout Mama! Darren is a handsome toddler now!

A post specially dedicated to my baby Darren… he has changed so much from the day he came to this world till now, which is 2 years, 3 months and 5 days old…

From dark and skinny….


To chubby a bit…


To super chubby…..


To start slimming down (Cuz he started to be choosy =__=|||.. baby oso can be so choosy)….


To skinny and tall now…

>> This was his 1-year-old birthday’s picture… so skinny d…
>> Chinese New Year 2009..
>> This was his 2 years old birthday… do you spot any difference from 1-year-old to 2-year-old?

Till the most recent one where he was bitten by don’t-know-what-kinda-insects….


Gosh! He has just grown up soooooo fast!

But.. he is always a pain in my ass… he loves to make me angry (which makse me hate kids so much now >.<)… he loves to do things that adults don’t allow him to do on purpose (like throw things everywhere, beat people, vivi aka pee without telling us, eat unhealthy food – chocolate, play with water – this is the latest favourite from him, etc)… the list is never ending…He just drives me crazy!!

He still doesn’t know speak fluently.. just words by words… I believe he knows a lot of things and words… he just doesn’t want to speak nicely… naughty him…

But he is a gem in our family..gem in his father and mother’s heart.. gem in grandma’s heart, gem in those auntie and uncles’ heart in temple, gem in his babysitter’s heart… and nonetheless, gem in his closest auntie -> which is MY heart as well…

Tho I always grumble about his bad behavior…but there is no doubt that I love him very much… anyhow, he is the first and only one small child at home.. 🙂

I was really busy lately till I don’t even have time to take our my camera to snap his pic… so sorry ya bb… promise I will snap more… 🙂

Love ya BB! muaks!

P/S: For those of you thought he is my bb, ya, he is. But I didn’t carry him for 10 months only *blek* He is my only bb. That is why I won’t think of carrying my own in anytime in the future.


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1 jfook { 12.12.09 at 12:28 PM }

Haha. From cute to handsome. LOLz

2 SY { 12.12.09 at 9:37 PM }

Wow Wow..look how much he has grown up now! 😉

3 ~ ivy ~ { 12.13.09 at 9:44 PM }

@jfook heheh… ya.. very cute 😛

@SY and super duper naughty

4 Hayley { 12.14.09 at 8:48 AM }

Kids grow very fast.. hehe. Darren looks more like his dad when he gradually grows up ho?

5 ~ ivy ~ { 12.14.09 at 9:04 AM }

@Hayley lol… ya… looks more like Daddy…fr 3 months till 1 year + looked more like mom 😛

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