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Rasa Sayang Buffet Dinner 9-Jan-2010

Wasn’t in good mood lately.. that is why this took so long for me to post it up… =___=|||

Anyway, I have never been to Rasa Sayang Hotel’s buffet dinner cuz it is wayyyyy too expensive for me… There was once on Dec 2009, they have promotion with Buy 1 Free 1. Missy and I thought of going… BUT… we were taken back as I heard bad comments on the food.. the food wasn’t filled on time even the tray was empty … the oysters and lobsters were very small.. etc… therefore we weren’t there…

Spice Market @ Rasa Sayang Hotel

This time around.. got an invitation from a friend.. so.. I just went for it…

It was really amazing to see so much food there… omg! From Indian food: tandoori chicken to roti canai to satay, … to baked food which included: baked oyster, baked potato, baked vege, baked duno what, … to western cuisine: fresh cheese, cold platter, pumpkin soup, beef-don’t-know-what, etc .. to chinese cuisine: steam rice, fried rice, yong tau hu, curry chicken, fried soft crab, fried vege, sharks fin soup, herbal black chicken soup, etc… to pastries: cakes, dough, mini tarts… to salad bar… to live cook… to fresh live seafood: oyster, lobster, prawn… to Japanese food… to desserts: ice-cream, ice-kacang…

Spices on the tables.. served as a decoration:

Spices @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 2

The wasabi was very cute:

Wasabi @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 3
>> but not after people started to scoop it 😛

Ok, let the pictures say it all:

Indian Food @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 4Indian Food @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 5Tandoori Chicken @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 6Curry Chicken @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 7Grilled Fish @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 8Baked potato @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 9Baked Cheese Oyster @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 10Rasa Sayang Hotel 11Vege @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 12Fried Vege @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 13Fried Soft Crab @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 14Fish @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 15Beef @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 16Cold food @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 17Yabbies @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 18Dessert @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 6Ais Kacang @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 6Baked pie @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 7Cakes & Tarts @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 8Cakes & Tarts @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 9Ais Kacang @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 10

OMG! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much food!!! Gosh! Lazy to put all the pictures up.. lol.. paiseh paiseh 😛

Oyster @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 10

There were stories on these oyster or I called it as fresh seafood section. First time my friend went to pick them up.. there was a long queue.. cuz a group of people just came in.. so waited for his turn patiently… when almost his turn.. he heard d guy in front told his friend: “Hey faster take. Later no more” >.<

When it was my turn to take the cheese which was beside the fresh seafood.. came another guy (Not sure was it the same gang) said the same thing : “Faster take.. take more. Ah bo later need wait them refill” =_______=||| Need to be like this meh?!!!! So cheapo. Come on la! You dine in at a 5 star hotel and you paid RM 200+ for a dinner. How could “No Stock” happen? omfg! So embarrassing! This also reminded me of someone. Someone who will say the same thing when he/she dine in here. *sigh*

Lobster @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 11

As for lobster, many people just took out the meat and left the shell on the tray. WTF! Really no brain ler. Just take the shell and the flesh together la. Not really giving you big problem right? Gosh!

I can have 4 servings only which included fresh oyster, lobster, mixture of food, ice-cream with plenty of toppings, sashimi, salad, 3 x cheese….. and I didn’t even try the pastries (honestly I don’t like pastries), ice-kacang, yong tau hu, live cook, sushi (cuz I’ll be very full), tandoori chicken, roti canai, satay

My Choice @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 12Sashimi @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 13

ya ya… I know I’m really a small eater and it is really a waste to bring me there… and what is even worse? I got a bad stomach which after my meal ..I felt so bloated and till I reached home I still had a bad stomach… thought I could sleep without thinking much… but I was wrong! I couldn’t even sleep the whole night.. tossed here and there… and my stomach didn’t get well till the next morning… *sigh*

Thanks to my friend I get to try this expensive buffet.. but also this meal.. I know I can’t eat too expensive buffet… bad stomach.. bad bad 🙁

Well.. according to a colleague… she said that normal price is around RM 200 each person after including all the taxes… I was like OMFG!!! RM 200? DAMN! Shouldn’t have gone… should have gotten some other food… 😛

Lucky I didn’t have to pay and got to try the once-in-a-life-time-torturing-meal 😛

The best of the dishes: cheese platter… at least got 5 different types of cheese are available… but some I didn’t like… and can mix with apricot, macadamia, walnut, almond, salad cream, biscuits… reminded me of the Cheese Platter Pei San prepared for us.. hers got strawberries, kiwi, biscuits, spicy dips… yummy…miss Australia now 🙁

Cheese @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 14Cheese dips @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 15

By the way, at the entrance of the restaurant, they got sell spices.. but the prices were really shocking. Chilli powder RM 7/100gm =___=||| Imported from India a? So expensive!!

Spices @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 31Spices @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 32Chilli Powder price @ Rasa Sayang Hotel 33

Overall, the food was really nice. It was full house that night. Hmmm… Penang people really spend their money in food… hmmm… I will pay them a visit again… only IF is FOC 😛

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1 SY { 01.23.10 at 2:23 PM }

Wahhh saliva drooling..Hehe..really looks yummy!!

2 KwOnG FeI { 01.23.10 at 3:09 PM }

OMG! rm 200 for that buffet dinner?
so damn expensive

3 ~ ivy ~ { 01.23.10 at 8:48 PM }

@SY Yes! Really nice… d price oso nice 😛

@KwOnG FeI Is like this one. Rasa Sayang Hotel Buffet is 6 star buffet ler 😛

4 guynextdoor84 { 01.24.10 at 8:32 AM }

wow,u so syiok hor, got FOC by “someone, a guy rite?”

5 Hayley { 01.25.10 at 8:37 AM }

Even their room also expensive =__=
but really got alot of food to eat ho? i was there last month but couldnt eat much, it was early morning and appetite wasnt very good yet, what a waste…. 😛

6 EinsamSoldat { 01.25.10 at 8:59 AM }

10x is the sponsor is you know who lar wahaha 😛

7 ~ ivy ~ { 01.25.10 at 9:23 AM }

@guynextdoor84 Mai say so loud can a? 😛 Even is a girl I oso very happy ei

@Hayley ya ya… I saw your wedding pic taken there.. lol 😛 This one is buffet dinner.. I think will have more food compare to breakfast… lol… and yes, I can’t really try all of the different food.. too much d 😛

@EinsamSoldat =___=||| Apa lu cakap ni?

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