I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Jurin @ Gurney Plaza

Finally got the chance to try this famous Japanese food… last week I wanted to try it but it was closing time.. so I didn’t manage to eat it…

So… the past Saturday went to try it… also almost closing time… so.. ate till a bit rush.. lol…

Ordered 6 dishes… I can say the Chicken Katsu Don was very salty.. not nice … the salmon slices were quite thick.. not nice also… the seaweed on ebiko sushi was a bit too thick as well… the best of all is the Ma Por Tofu! lol…

oh oh! The miso soup also not bad la.. lol… not so salty compared to Azuma’s… got more ingredients inside compared to Sushi King’s and Sakae Sushi’s… 😛

then the fried soft crab smells very nice cuz they fried with garlic.. niceee 😀

In conclusion, overall the food not like what I’m expecting.. just that the food was served in a very fresh method.. made on demand… anyhow, Azuma is better! But the two definitely not up to par with Sushi Zenmai in One-Utama!

Pictures time:

#2: Chicken Katsu Don

#3: Don’t-know-what-roll-d

#4: Fried soft crab

#5: Ebiko Sushi

#6: Ma por tofu

#7: Salmon slice

>> I can have the salmon all by myself.. friend didn’t want to eat.. said scared of salmon d cuz been eating a lot >.< sai meng.. cis 😛

Liddat also cost us RM 160… =__=||| That time dine-in @ Azuma with family also only RM 160 for 4 pax… >.<

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