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My decision of a new life

Official updates on a new chapter of my life

For people who knows about me will know that I have made planning for a major changes for months on a totally different leap in my carrier after I back from my Australia trip in 2009… well… just to let you guys know, it is not going to happen.

Yes, I’M NOT MOVING THERE ALREADY! (Which is my initial plan )

I still miss Australia very very much.. miss the weather.. miss the places… miss the country.. miss everything about Australia… I know I will have the chance to go back there again… I’m sure I will make it back there one day 🙂

Probably to some people it is a waste to throw away my dreams… I know.. but I choose to settle down and there will be no regret… erm.. unless I was proven my decision to settle down is a wrong choice.. else I will never regret for making such decision to settle down here…

I’m really sorry to my best friend that I let her down… we made the planning together and we shared the same dream… but cuz of my own selfishness, I have given up everything…

What I really want to see is that she continues with her own dream and planning, even without me. It hurts me so much to see everything was gone in a blink of eyes. It is all my fault. Yet there is no turning back for me anymore… not at all already… I’m so sorry.. 🙁 Please proceed with your dreams and show me you can really make it.. live your life as excited as you wish it will be.. may God be with you all the time. You will always have my blessing no matter what. Love ya, babe!

To my best friends that really know me well, I thank you for giving such a great mental support to me all this while..whether I decided to move to some stranger country which is a new challenge to me or when I decided to settle down in Penang… You know you meant a lot to me…. I always scared that the incident few years back will break our friendship into pieces.. but it turns out my decision to stay down actually make us closer like before… I’m glad I have you back as the true sisters we used to be.. From the years of knowing you, I know you want nothing but to see me happy…thanks babe, I love you always! 😀

To my family: mom and sister, I know the decision I have made shocked you both.. but please trust me.. I know what I’m doing… besides, mom always want me to settle down in Penang… unless I can find a job in the country I’m going… Happy ending isn’t it? 😛

You guys will see the change in me… I might change to a person you don’t know at all… someone who is soooo happy with her life now… sooooo in love!

Ahem… main point is, I’m not going to proceed my oversea dreams… I always wanted to go… but I never know it is so hard till I tried it.. and now I’m not giving up because of the hard work I have gone through.. its just that I have found a reason for me to stay in Penang… A reason that I couldn’t resist… A reason of life that I have made… A happy ending reason as well…

And Thanks to You I found the reason… I never regret the choice I have made to give up my dreams… Besides, I know that I can always travel to different parts of the world with you.. Paris, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Venice, Switzerland, UK, etc..

Yes, I’m with someone now and he is the reason I’m staying…  🙂

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1 Hayley { 03.19.10 at 8:20 AM }

Oh, this is the big thing you’re talking about.. 😉 wish u all the best!
p/s: hope to see his face in your blog soon 😛

2 ~ ivy ~ { 03.19.10 at 11:16 AM }

@Hayley Yeah… my big thing.. lol.. a new chapter of my life… erm… I doubt I will post his face up.. kaka.. he is a shy guy 😛

3 EinsamSoldat { 03.19.10 at 2:34 PM }

My friend priority changes, I believe your friend would understand 😉

4 sansanlee { 03.19.10 at 9:59 PM }

wish u all the best! best! best! best!

5 ~ ivy ~ { 03.21.10 at 1:59 PM }

@EinsamSoldat hopefully *sigh*

@sansalee Thanks! 😀

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