I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Mother’s Day celebration at Korea Palace


Mom said she want to eat korean food when I asked her what she want to eat for mother’s day celebration… so I suggested that we should try Korea Palace since we haven’t try it before… and ate Daorae till sien d… so… ma si try this out…

>> Damn fat la me.. need go slimming d…

I went to have lunch at Korea Palace with colleagues on Friday before Mother’s day’s weekend… I had their lunch set… not bad la… cuz that time not that many customers…

So I made reservation for Mother’s day dinner…. and requested for a private room….

We turned up there at 8pm…it was full house… super full with one or two families waiting….

I wanted to make my order… asked for the service twice… on the third request only got people come to serve us… ok… fine…

Ordered Kimchi Stew, 2 BBQ pork – one seasoned soy sauce, one seasoned red pepper…

Waiting for the food…the appetizers served after like awhile… but also need to wait 15 min…

Next came the Kimchi Stew… quite fast after the appetizers being served… but I have to request for the soup bowl for like 10000 zillion times… still no bowl =___=||| they said not yet wash on the last request >.< WTF!!!!!

In awhile they served us steam egg… compliment of the house… I have to say.. this one tasted better than Daorae one…. the only food better than Daorae 😛

Then waited for the BBQ… also need me go ask them about our BBQ… they only realized they missed out our BBQ >.< wtf!

By the time we finished everything…. it was almost 10pm =___=||| so freaking slow la!!!


To me…. Comparing the service, food, taste and price for Korea Palace and Daorae:

1. Service:

Korea Palace’s service damn sucks… not enough employee then employ more la! wtf!

Which Daorae is way better… they have more staff and more attentive staff…

2. Food:

Korea Palace: The complimentary steam egg is nice. BBQ also not bad. But the Kimchi Stew not super nice… very watery…

Daorae: The last tried BBQ wasn’t that satisfiying…the Kimchi Stew also very watery…. complimentary steam egg also watery…

3. Price:

Korea Palace and Daorae almost have the same price…

So far for me… I won’t be going to Korea Palace Crystal Point the second time… first impression wasn’t nice at all… service sucks! DON’T EVER GO THERE!

Darren ate before our food was being served… so he was too free when our food being served… he played with the tissue paper and threw it all on the floor. Caught him in action!  >.<

Last but not least… bought a Swatch red watch for mom.. forgot to snap pic 😛 so… now I’m officially broke again 😛

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1 claire { 05.24.10 at 10:47 AM }

Looks good the Korean food over there.. ipoh here has 2 outlets only but i have yet to try one more..

2 ~ ivy ~ { 05.24.10 at 8:30 PM }

@claire come to Penang and try it out 😀

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