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Why so bad luck?!

Updates: My handphone turned out still able to use if I attach it with my handsfree…. so… when wana call out or pick up a call… need to use handsfree…. temp use first la.. wait my financial stable then get a new phone :p

Arghhhh!!! What happened? Why am I so bad luck? ArghhhH!!!!

First was my car battery bullied me….

Now my handphone bullied me as well…. speaker not working… damn it! Last month just changed the ribbon cuz screen black out… now speaker not working… damn it!! Arghhhh…. really want me off my phone forever is it?

Why has to bully me at this time? Already in bad mood, no money d then now give me such trouble somemore….

*sigh* Is this how I’m suppose to proceed with my life? Is this how GOD YOU want me to go through so that YOU can see how pain I am? *sigh*

Why can’t YOU spare some mercy so that I can at least go thru this hard time easier? I know I shouldn’t blame YOU… but can YOU please give me some luck? Some good news… I don’t need jackpot.. but at least don’t add more pain to me at this moment, will YA? I know I have not been a good girl lately… but pleaseeeee :'(


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1 jfook { 06.09.10 at 9:31 PM }

My handphone also got problem Sob sob.

2 alin { 06.09.10 at 9:50 PM }

don’t worry..things will always get better from time to time…trust in yourself..

3 ~ ivy ~ { 06.10.10 at 7:50 AM }

@jfook Mine now use handsfree ok d… lol…

@alin Thanks! I hope so 🙂

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