I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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I’m one with energy!

Well… this is how people see me… not I say it one 😛

This morning when I’m in office… as usual I will ask my colleagues whether they will OT… and they all said “NO”… “Tired”… “Bored”…

So I asked another one after lunch time… her ans “Now already feel like going home… how to OT?” >.<

She asked me back : “Can u give me your energy a? How come you don’t feel tired and can still tahan ei?”

I just smiled to her…

It makes me think…. When I said think… I mean really think throughly… hmm….

>> Image source: www.worldgallery.co.uk

I’m glad that she sees me as someone full of energy… and I thanks her for having such thought…

However, the fact is… I’m not such person who full of energy… I’m hoping someone can give me some of their energy as well… I also have my tiring moments where I need friends & family’s care & concern….

I always yern to get energy from others… and the-waiting-for-energy-moment in fact makes me weaker… makes me yern for more energy everyday

A friend once told me.. energy stays within yourselves… it’s your energy that keeps you strong… without your own energy, you are nothing… so when you face any difficulties, you got to face it instead of avoid it & hoping people will give you energy (which obviously many people are like that) … cuz when you face the real deal, the energy in you will makes you a better person. “It” will guide you to another level of your life.

So now… I’m learning not to look for energy from others.. I’ll look it in me… find it.. overcome my fear & failure & tiredness.. turn all those negativeness into a new form of energy..

And I will be refreshed~!

I believed many people often forgot how to slow down in their fast-paced working life… sometimes, take a deep breath & cool down your brain for 5 minutes can actually makes you feel better… Of cuz you got to be really relax.. if your brain still working non-stop, then you won’t even feel relax no matter how long you have rested..

There was once I told a friend to relax… try to imagine himself facing a beach… everything he sees now is just deep blue sea & white sky… 

his replies: Cannot la… I don’t know how to imagine

Me: =______________=\\\

Looking at the picture below… how can you not to be able to imagine.. such a beautiful picture… just close your eyes and imagine… smell the sea breeze… looking at the deep blue sea… holding a fruitail on your hand… wow! I’m in heaven!

Doesn’t this makes you feel better? 😀

>> Image source: www.perthperth.com

Therefore calling for all city people… take a deep breath of your work when you are in tension… rest your mind for just 5 minutes will bring you to a longer journey in your life.

GOD doesn’t create us to be a machine of our life… HE creates Humans! So don’t make your life like a machine. Stop using your brain and listen to your heart. “It” will tell you something amazing when you listen to your heart.

Cheerio all~! 

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1 guynextdoor84 { 10.26.10 at 7:14 PM }

Gambateh 🙂
It’s true that one got to find his own source of determination, perseverance and motivation. Never can you rely on someone all the time to wait to do sthg 🙂

2 ~ ivy ~ { 10.27.10 at 7:48 AM }

@guynextdoor84 Hey hey~! Thanks~! U gambateh oso~!

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