I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Last meal with sister @ Daorae Korean BBQ Tanjung Bungah

Finally got some time to edit my pictures… well… just to resize all… compiled some into 1 picture instead of putting up many… added frame and signatures on them… hehehe… finally 😀

Last meal with sis was on 1-Oct-10 (Friday).. before she flew off … I rushed back home after work… clean up.. then went to Daorae Korean BBQ Tanjung Bungah with family… bro-in-law met us there straight after his work…

If you have followed my blog… you will know I love to eat in Daorae… I have been to both Daorae at Bayan Point & Tanjung Bungah. Posted 
here, here, here & here… lol… but I can say the quality in Bayan Point degraded compared to Tanjung Bungah… if I’m not wrong the main chef is station in Tanjung Bungah restaurant… so the taste better kua… lol…

My booking was at 7pm.. but we was late… so I changed the time to 7.30pm… but.. when we reached… also not many people… the crown started to build up only after 8pm… hehehe… Penang ppl seems to prefer late dinner 🙂

I just got my hair cut 2 days before… 🙂

Then sis beria-ria wanted to try their rice wine… and the server suggested us to take this “Raspberry Wine”… RM 40/bottle… quite nice lor.. can give it again if you plan to go there 😛

Time for food~! This round I didn’t snap much pictures of the side dishes cuz if you noticed I have taken the side dishes pictures everytime I’m there… lol… as usual… they got 9 side dishes and the free dishes: steam egg + pan cake still available 😀

The main dishes we ordered for this round… usual one was: Kimchi-JJrae soup & stone rice … new dish we tried was fried tang hoon which was really nice lo…

And the BBQ we ordered: Herbs pork & spicy chicken

before the bill came, we were guessing the price… whoever got the worst guessing will have to pay for the bill… lol… and I forgot they do not have government tax & service charge one… bro-in-law’s guess: RM 180, Mom’s guess: RM 190, my guess: RM 220, sis’s guess: RM 210…. and the billed turned out to be RM 180 only…wakkakaa….  quite worth it lor… suppose I got to pay la… but bro-in-law picked up the checks d 😀

Last but not least… sis’s family pictures :

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1 melmonica { 10.16.10 at 8:00 PM }

I haven’t eaten there before but it sure looks good 🙂

2 Hayley { 10.17.10 at 3:24 PM }

Cheeky photos of Darren 😉
I had Daorae once, and kinda miss it now..

3 guynextdoor84 { 10.17.10 at 8:19 PM }

i wan such brother in law too, lol

4 ~ ivy ~ { 10.17.10 at 9:01 PM }

@melmonica You should try it out 🙂 they have in franchise in few states

@Hayley lol… he memang cheeky one… lol..

@guynextdoor84 lol….

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