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Nano White ~ My prizes from Cleo Magazine

Yay~! Finally got my prizes I won from Cleo Magazine…

I got the notification that I won this Nano White prize few weeks back… and I need to pay for the courier fee as I need to pick it up at KL during office hour which I cannot make it… so… have to pay RM 25 for the courier fee >.<

And I got a called from GDex Courier service on Thursday… But no one home… so I got to pick up the prizes myself >.<

As I see… the prizes worth RM 100+….

Which included:

1. Nano White Snow Wash

2. Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk
3. Nano White Refining Treatment Toner
4. Nano White Eye Brightener
5. Nano White Whitening Serum Concentrate
6. Nano White Omega Day Shield SPF 50+
7. Nano White Cell Moist Whitenor

Lucky me~! I’m actually looking for eye cream + moisturizer as mine finishing very soon… yay~! No need to spend $$$ to get a new set…

I’m using Nano White clay wash which I felt quite nice la… I got 1 spare one as my cleaser also finishing soon… lol…

Thanks to Cleo Magazine!

Happy nia~!

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1 ken { 10.24.10 at 10:01 PM }

it’s great to receive it for free 🙂

2 Hayley { 10.25.10 at 8:24 AM }

Congratulations! Isnt it great to receive free prizes? 😀
I also needed to bear the courier fees during the last time, but judging from all the products, consider worth lo!

3 ~ ivy ~ { 10.25.10 at 7:05 PM }

@ken Sure yeah~!

@Hayley Hhahaha… thanks~! Ya lor.. overall paid for the courier bt d prize worth more… so still consider worth it la…

4 Chui Ling { 11.23.10 at 8:11 AM }

Nano Eye Brightener stings yr eyes when applied. No eye cream or gel does that. I will not recommend it to anyone. I’ve used Clinelle brand which was really good.

5 ~ ivy ~ { 11.23.10 at 12:41 PM }

@Chui Ling Really? I didn’t try yet. I’m using Amway now. still ok. But not much effect. 🙂

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