I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Cameron Trip with Family ~ Day 2

Day 2… Show you all my camwhore pic 1st.. My attire of the day:

Woke up 7am in the morning!!! >.< The only reason we all woke up so early cuz my smart Darren woke up so early… and he woke everyone up >.<

So … we cannot sleep back… have to get ready for breakfast then… =____=|| Soooo sleepy

After breakfast… it’s around 10am… we checked out from our hotel cuz we will be heading down hill… so we won’t be coming back to Brinchang anymore…

Stopped by a cactus shop for some pictures:

There were a lot of flowers, cactus, vases, souvenirs in this shop…

Me in this cactus shop:

We also stopped for vege + strawberry near Equatorial Hotel there….. but didn’t snap pic 😛

Last stop -> my favourite of all! Actually I have never been to this SG Palas Tea Plantation.. I just google it out cuz sis said wana go (she saw 1 local chinese show and she said it’s very nice)… all the tea farm I went before doesn’t fit her description… so I went to google for more info…

I can say… the road to this SG Palas Boh Tea Plantation is very challenging… the road so small and got certain blind spot you can never know whether there is incoming cars or not >.< A bit like Teluk Bahang hill road to Balik Pulau town… si pek dangerous lor…

Fret not~! We got a good driver here -> me! ….lol….ya la… *beh paiseh mode on*.. *shy* 😛

When we finally reached, the view was magnificient! All the thoughts on the dangerous road has been temporary forgotten. I love this place… Although they made it very commercialize… but then.. it was undeniable the view was great~!

Again… Darren was sleeping… so we have to take turn to snap pic again >.<

We didn’t stayed for long because Darren was sleeping… so we just snapped a few pic and headed back home d…

On the way down… sis wanted to buy the 3-in-1 Stawberry Chocolate… and we saw this new Chocolate shop… so we stopped by to check it out… at the same time Darren was awoke from his sweet dream…so we decided to have our lunch there as well…

I can say the shop looks very nice… of cuz la! New one ma! But then nothing special on the chocolate… they sell the packaging only… not the taste… and after the packaging.. the price also much more expensive for double or maybe triple >.<

Besides this Avant Chocolate , there was a new shop as well… GreenView Garden… same like Avant Chocolate.. but they got sell food… snacks..

And since we were there… so we might as well ordered our food… and it’s quite costly …

This meal worth RM 70+ >.<

Including my Stawberry salad :

Last but not least… Fresh stawberry juice worth RM 8 with cute Darren as the background 😛

It was raining on n off when we were on our way home…. I think I went there so many times.. everytime also such weather one… I wonder why huh? Hmm….

Reached home almost 5pm… super tiring =____=|||

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1 Danny { 11.08.10 at 4:28 PM }

Hey Ivy, pardon me for the interruption… was actually googl’ing for “Häagen-Dazs” and found your website.

Just would like to extend the compliments on your website. I dont like taking photos, but looks like you have done impressively well.

Good on you and thanks for sharing !

oh yes, not sure but if you are from penang, then thats my hometown too. In melb now. 🙂


2 ~ ivy ~ { 11.08.10 at 4:51 PM }

@Danny Hey~! Thanks for dropping by and the compliment. You in Melb as in Melbourne Aus right? I love Melbourne very much. Good that you r there 😀

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