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I have whole load of books to read!

Ok.. I got whole load of books to read! Some of the books I had almost for years and yet to finish reading them >.<

And I just got myself 2 new books… 1 from a friend…

and another 1 recommended by her 🙂

As for the rest… some really got it cuz that time MPH got sales.. Buy 2nd one at 50%…  saja bought it nia 😛

Meaning to say… if I can finish 1 book / month… means I got 6 months to finish these books

But… do I really have all the times to read these books? I hope so 🙁

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1 Hayley { 01.12.11 at 8:31 AM }

Wah really lots of books…. I used to read last time, but not anymore now, dont know why, dont have the patience….

2 ~ ivy ~ { 01.12.11 at 4:48 PM }

@Hayley I like to touch books… feels very good.. hehehe… lol

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