I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My first meal of 2011 ~ MCD

Yes, I literally stayed awake for 24 hours >.<

The story goes like this:

After the fireworks at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, we rushed to the nearest bus stop, expecting our bus to reach by then. Then there is another bus stop in front… so we decided to walk there just in case we couldn’t get up as the crowd was building up…

We waited forĀ 30min… saw 1 bus came… but of different route… and there was another bus at the back… so friend and I decided to take the bus and switch to MRT when we reach another of the MRT station…

The jam in front of Helix bridge was so severe that the bus need to take 30 min to reach the bus stop… and everyone was pushing each other to go in… fine! When we were inside… the road still jam like hell… we were stucked there >.<

By the time we reached Bugis bus stop… it was 2pm.. we rushed down to the MRT station and the last train was to Pasir Ris… different direction of the one we wanted to take =_____=|||

So the smart us… decided to take cab… unfortunately… all the cabs were hired or on call… we waited for 1.5 hours… friend and I were hungry by then…

MCD! My very first meal of year 2011 was MCD nuggets set … it was quite pricy for the MCD in SG… this meal set of 9pcs nuggets + french fries + coke = SGD 8 >.< Even if dollar to dollar… it was still quite expensive…

We ate, talked till really cannot stand it anymore… walked to Bugis MRT station cuz the MRT normal operating hour is 5.20am… too bad for us… they rescheduled the operating hour to 6.20am as they closed late on New Year’s Eve >.<

That was then… we decided to take cab…

Lucky us… we got it finally…. at 5.40am .. and it was a Mercedes Benz =______=|||

Reached home 6.20 am… beh tahan d… went to sleep cuz I’m scheduled to go Sentosa today~!!!

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