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Reunion dinner + CNY Eve celebration

This year both mom and I were working on CNY eve…. so sis has to prepare the dinner for CNY eve….

And lucky me… I get to leave early from work… so I went home washed up… when I reached sis house… Darren’s on his nap.. but he slept for awhile only… and woke up the time still blur  blur… hehehe… asked him tk pic with me he also don’t want 😛

Since Darren already woke up d… so we got ready for dinner earlier… by 6pm our steamboat dinner already ready 🙂

And Darren got ready for his dinner on his chair as well….

Then… the only pic of me camwhoring 😛 … lazy to wear contact lense so just wore my old fashion spectacle 😛


As usual, Darren cannot sit tight one… he was showing off with his block during dinner…

After dinner and cleaned up… it was 8pm already.. we got ready and went to Mahindara Temple in Kampar Road for CNY Eve prayers… Mom already paid for the lotus light donation…

Mom got us each of the lotus for us to light… and this is the first year Darren knows how to light it as he grew older d….. 🙂

We also stayed there to light up the lotus candle as many people didn’t come for the lotus candle lighting

It was almost 9.30pm d lor by the time we finished lighting the lotus candle…

Back home already 10pm… this year my house got 2 new lanterns…. hehehe… nice ler…

As you can see Kek Lok Si temple from the pic above.. my house can see Kek Lok Si clearly… so can snap a very nice pic from my house… 🙂 although a bit far but still a very good view lor… no building blocking my view… niceee

Huat ahhh everyone~!

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1 jfook { 02.03.11 at 10:27 PM }

WOw so many steambot ingredients. nom nom nom..

2 ~ ivy ~ { 02.05.11 at 9:40 AM }

@jfook Yeap~! A lot… we can’t even finish half of it.. lol

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