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Movie Review: The Lost Bladesman a.k.a 关云长

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I thought this was nice when I saw the trailer…..and friend got attracted to it as well… so we have movie marathon in KL… 1st in GSC Midvalley… this one we watched it at TGV Sunway Pyramid (cuz I didn’t get what I want in Midvalley… that’s why I need to go to another mall for my shopping spree… but I just manage to get 1 item out of my 10 items list =.= )


Storyline -> sucks for this one… interesting part already all in the trailer… the ending was just cut it off cuz the movie too long already…

Action -> not bad la… can see Donnie Yen’s fighting scene… a lot of it some more… so.. consider ok d la…

But actually I already felt very sleepy when I watch this midnight show… so I wasn’t concentrating much.. but it doesn’t feel nice… and friend also said it’s not nice…

So not nice lor.. hehehe….


The story of Guan Yu’s life where he was held captive by warlord Cao Cao and went on a journey by horse to face various obstacles and behead several generals along the way.

Source: Ram Entertainment

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1 Hayley { 05.10.11 at 8:48 AM }

My hubby was watching it last night, while I was onlining. By ‘listening’ to the movie, I already feel that it’s not good, LOL 😀

2 ~ ivy ~ { 05.10.11 at 10:15 PM }

@Hayley hahha… listen nia already know.. so geng…

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