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2011 Birthday Celebration

Only left 1 last gift from sis haven’t get it from her… and I’m gona have a super belated bday gift from her as I’m only going to see her on Sept…. just post this first then…

Girl friend bought me birthday dinner @ Brotzeit Vivo….

They are famous for their pork knuckles.. and definitely German sausage….

The German sausage we wanted to order was not available that night… so we got salmon salad….and …

Pork Knuckle !!!!

Ok… to be honest… it was not bad… but…. there was some weird smell on the pork which I don’t really like…

Met up with another girl friend some other day and she treat me at TCC for high tea… I ordered some berries juice and we shared the high tea set…

Next… birthday cake cutting in office…there was another colleague has his birthday on the same birthday month as me… so we were sharing the cake together… hahaha…

Thanks to my colleagues for the nice chocolate cakes…  😀 my 1st and only bday cake in 2011 😛

Thou I’m not a cake person… but… I feel that cake cutting is a must for birthday.. tradition ma 🙂

Lastly…. my birthday gifts of this year~!

Handbag from girl friend…..got it from one shop in clark quay… synthetic leather bag made by SG company wor…

Charm from Royal Selangor given by the dearest person … 🙂

My first Coach wrislet ever!! Gift from my colleagues … so touched *sob*

Fossil wristlet from best friends.. purposely ordered from US… thanks dearie~! Muaksss

Although this year I do not have my mom, family, best friends, people I wanted to celebrate my birthday with.. but it’s all the hearts that count….

Really like to thanks everyone for being a part of my life and created such a great memories to me 🙂

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1 Lindy { 06.25.11 at 12:22 AM }

Happy Belated Birthday!! 😀

2 Laura { 06.25.11 at 12:25 AM }

Happy Belated Birthday! Nice presents you got there~ 🙂

3 jean { 06.25.11 at 12:51 AM }

my dear, happy birthday.. Didnt celebrate with you.. But, u have a very good birthday gift..*enough ady*

4 Hayley { 06.28.11 at 9:02 AM }

So many nice gifts! Jealous 😛

5 ~ ivy ~ { 07.03.11 at 9:28 PM }

Lindy, Laura: Thanks~! 🙂

Jean: u owe me… hahhaha…

Hayley: no la… compensate me for not able to celebrate with family…

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