I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Brunch @ Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery

Heard from my colleague that the brunch @ Wild Honey very very nice… so I jio my girlfriend to go with me… don’t worry… they provide all day long brunch.. hahaha….

The bad thing… you cannot make reservation in advance… you have to be there to put your name and come back in an hour time to check out for your turn…

And… after you have your seats… you have to go to the counter to check out the full menu in Ipad! and make your order at the counter… food will be served to you later…

As I googled for the best brunch recommendation in Wild Honey, most people recommended the English breakfast, European breakfast & Tunisian breakfast… so we ordered English and Tunisian breakfast for a try….

And of course a Latte to go with the brunch….

The food was super filling … portion is very big… when you see it you won feel it… but when you see the English breakfast it does gave me very filling ei feeling already… but… the food was really nice.. best brunch I ever had in Singapore… Oriole can’t even compare with them… but… price wise… it’s the most expensive breakfast I every had in my life! hahaa…. however, it’s worth it lor.. cuz really nice… worth to try it~!

Do check them out!

#03-03, Mandarin Gallery,
Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel: +65-6235-3900

Open from 9am -10.30pm
Satur & Sun: 8am -10.30pm (Tips: To avoid the long queue, please go earlier… normal wait is 1hour after ur name was given…)

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1 Nava Krishnan { 06.23.11 at 1:25 AM }

am not what the food is, but is making me hungry at this time of the day when I hardly had anything for dinner.

2 Hayley { 06.23.11 at 8:38 AM }

Hmm, the procedures is abit weird and troublesome, but the food looks good wo. hehe.

3 ~ ivy ~ { 06.24.11 at 10:46 PM }

@Nava lol… even full see the food also feel very nice…

@Hayley famous is like this la… wait for 1hour.. u tink ler?

4 Artichoke for Brunch — Ivy, Food, Travel & Her Life ~ { 08.21.11 at 8:09 PM }

[…] food was quite good… well.. cant really compare with Wild Honey… but… I still prefer wild honey.. thou the price at wild honey is more or less the […]

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