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Weekend Escapade to Pulau Ubin

Yay~! Just a short getaway from the crowded city…. I went to Pulau Ubin with girl friend few weeks back…

Journey started at 9am…..

The jetty to Pulau Ubin is located at Changi Village… pretty near to Changi airport… and the boat trip cost us $5/each for to and fro boat…. and it is just 10 min boat ride…. very fast ler… hehehe…..

We did search for the information on this island before we step foot on this island… it has only 1 resort in it and the best place to visit will be Chek Jawa.

The first thing you can see when you step you leg onto the island: bicycles!! Lots of it!!!! Cycling is one of the main attraction here as well….

You can actually rent the bicycle for whole day at just $10 depending on what kind of bikes you like… or you can also get a van to fetch u to Chek Jawa @ $20/van (which they normally will tell you today you alone only.. so they not going to wait for other passenger.. you have to pay the $20)

Cycling can be fun… rent the van will be so much easier… and if you go there in a big gang and want to go view things fast… you better take the van…

Then here comes the 2-smart-ass-girls thought they are strong enough to walk all the way to Chek Jawa (40 min walks) decided to make a U-turn and rent themselves the bikes… lol….

And we cycled all the way to Chek Jawa… whereby we have to park our bikes outside the information counter and walk in… still have to walk… do take note that you need to rent the bike locks when you rent your bike .. just in case someone trying to steal your bike away… which is going to cost you more if it really lost… hehehe… we got this pointers online as well!

At Chek Jawa, you can go to the mangroves route or the coastel hill or the broadwalk or the viewing jetty…. we went for the broadwalk which were our main reason to be there…


It was high tide that time… so we see no corals, starfish, or whatever attractions on the broadwalk…so sad… 🙁 Just snapped a few pictures then headed back to mainland cuz the weather was freaking hot that day!

However, happy me gets to take such nice pictures that day with my baby camera.. it’s really worth to bring her along… thou she’s big.. but when I saw the pictures… *sigh* ~ lucky I brought her along… hehe… I love these 5 pictures the most~!

It feels like I’m in Maldives (though I have never been there.. but it gave me that kinda feelings 😛 ) … yaya.. I know Maldives sure nicer la… who doesn’t know ler?

A nice little hut for us to rest and the beautiful clouds… felt so relax….

A warning pole overlooking the mainland….

And last but not least, a mining-lake (that’s according to girlfriend.. she said this is not a natural-made lake but is a man-made lake and this is mining-lake wor….) I love this pic as well!! Nice right? 🙂

Back to Mainland whole bodyache for over exercise 😛

It was fun thou…. quite worth it for the cycling part… cuz you can rent bicycles @ East coast park but the rate is so much higher at $10/hour… this is $10/day ler… super worth it lor…. hehe….

So… when is your turn there?

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1 Hayley { 06.11.11 at 8:40 AM }

Wow, you introduced me to a new place, I never heard about this Pulau before. The view is nice and very ‘relaxing’ =)

2 ~ ivy ~ { 06.12.11 at 8:04 PM }

@Hayley hehe… there is only 1 resort in the island… 🙂

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