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Ice-cream from around the world

When we visit a country, almost every tourist at some point or another will experience the country’s ice-cream. There are so many variations of ice cream worldwide, from Devonshire clotted cream in the UK, gelato from Italy and Kulfi from India. Each country adopts their own method to churning the cream, the ingredients used and the way it is served.

It is also easy to make your very own ice cream. So between games of partypoker or during a quick break, why not look up some recipes and try making some exotic ice creams or sorbets. Doing this dessert yourself allows you to make it to your taste, whether it is full of cream and chocolate or a healthier ice and fruit sorbet. Here are just some of the worldly ice creams you can expect to find on your travels.

Indian kulfu is probably one of the healthier options of ice cream. Most ice creams are rich, creamy and full of fat, where as Kulfi is a milk based dessert, providing high levels of calcium. Typical flavours of Kulfi are coconut, rosewater and pistachio. It is a refreshing and light dessert, perfect for hot days in India.

Gelato, as it is known in Italy, is a creamy ice cream, with less fat than regular ice creams. Gelato is made from whole milk, sugar and natural flavourings. It was traditionally served in a small glass dish called a penny lick.

Japan on the other hand, has some very strange flavours when it comes to ice cream. A survey revealed that one in five adults would regularly eat ice cream, and the top flavours included matcha (powdered green tea) and azuki (red bean flavour).

The UK and the USA are certainly the biggest fans of ice cream, with the average American consuming 13 litres of the dessert per year. Vanilla is far from being the favourite flavour, ever since new and exciting tastes came into the market. The use of toppings is also becoming more popular – many ice cream lovers top their dessert with chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows and sauces.

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