I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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It’s all about food in KL – 1

I went to KL on Raya weekend… to find food!!! and also leisure la :p

However, lets talk about fooddd cuz we just love food aren’t we?

First stop ~ Vietnamese dinner

Had this in The Curve … but the food quite disappointing. The taste is not good and it was even far worse than the vietnamese food I had in Australia before. Well, Australia one was the best Vietnamese food I have ever tried. Probably Vietname has the authentic and nice one, but I can’t find them in local yet, may it be Malaysia or Singapore.

As for their famous rice poh piah, it was cold. Means it was done earlier and kept in the fridge. So the vege inside wasn’t fresh. Totally a turn off.

The chicken pho, also one of the famous dish in Vietnam, wasn’t nice as well. The broth was not thick enough and it doesn’t have pungent smell.

Sad meal….

Next, cone pizza at Sunway Pyramid as my next day snack…

Saw this on my last visit to KL… but was very full so didn’t try it. This time, friend wanted to try it. And to our surprised, it was great!

The skin was crispy, the cheese inside was melting in my mouth and it was yummy! I just love it. Eat it while it’s still hot. Too bad it was quite pricy though. 1 cone pizza cost us MYR 6.90. Buy 2 at MYR 13. And it wasn’t that big. few mouth then you are done.

Third stop -dinner at Jalan Alor

I have to say, my friend has a thing for Jalan Alor 干炒牛河粉 or fried beef noodle in English. I don’t take beef so I don’t know what so great about it. But he insisted we go back there for dinner if we ever visit KL again.

And he always like to order a lot of side dishes other than his main 干炒牛河粉 or fried beef noodle in English. See the picture below for his beef noodle… just looks like normal cha koay teow to me :p

The food we ordered consisted of – bbq chicken wing (MYR 2.50/pcs) -> my favourite~! , fried asparagus (MYR 8/plate), claypot tofu (MYR 15/pot). All for sharing…

And only this 砂煲田鸡洲 – claypot frog porridge for me… cost me MYR 12

Overall, the food wasn’t cheap in Jalan Alor as they are targeting tourist. And you can find most of the workers are foreigners. The price I mentioned earlier might not be accurate but close to it. I can’t really remember much of the prices except the chicken wing cuz it was freaking expensive!

Forth stop – local delight for breakfast

Went to Asia Cafe at Sunway Giza there…. Had chicken soup for brunch…

As for friend, ordered their fried indian noodle & also Sabah noodle cuz he said the Sabah noodle looked yummy =.= excuse given by tam chiak ei lang…

When I saw his indian fried noodle, I was so tempted to cancel my chicken soup order and order the fried noodle instead… lol… gosh! Made me miss the fried sotong noodle in Penang so much!

The Sabah noodle was quite nice… I just have had a few sips of the soup only and friend finished it off…

So far.. just update this first ya….

Stay tuned for the next up on my continuation of  food searching in KL ~! Food food food~! Nom nom nom ~! 😀

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1 Hayley { 09.29.11 at 9:18 PM }

Well, this is another great food blog! 😉

2 Nava Krishnan { 09.29.11 at 9:29 PM }

thats quite a big sharing of food, like the ones from Jalan Alor.

3 ~ ivy ~ { 09.29.11 at 10:27 PM }

@Hayley hahha..it’s all about food for me~!

@Nava you should try it out if you are there 🙂

4 kelvin { 09.30.11 at 12:40 AM }

No offence, but try not to have ur watermark above the food 🙂

5 kelvin { 09.30.11 at 12:41 AM }

I mean on the food.

6 ~ ivy ~ { 09.30.11 at 8:29 AM }

@kelvin Thanks for the tips. Will take note on that 🙂

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