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Haw Par Villa @ Singapore

** I have the wrong spelling for Haw “Par” villa on my watermarks in all pictures and I’m just lazy to redo it… so… just ignore the wrong spelling on the watermarks :p

Haw Par Villa reopened in Singapore. So while sis & family visit to Singapore on early Sept, she wanted to go there for a walk.

I haven’t been to this place for years. The last time I’m here was at least 20years ago, while dad still around.

Of all the memories in mind, I think everything still same. And the entrance still free!

The place wasn’t that big… you can just finish walking in 30min -> including taking pictures…

They have this hell section which Darren is not allow to enter cuz he’s too young for that… and according to Chinese belief, this kinda places normal have a lot of the “spirit” which is bad for children. 

I don’t like to enter places like this -> designed like Hell as well cuz it caused fear…. I once went to Gula, Taiping when I was 10 and the Hell there was so disturbing and it caused nightmare for me =.=

The sad thing about this reopened Haw Paw Villa was that, the statues all were not well-maintain.

The paint on the statues were all worn out. The people who open this place up didn’t even repaint it so that they could attract more visitors.

Some of the history about Haw Par Villa I got while googling the official Haw Par Villa website… Haw Par Villa also known as Tiger Balm Garden, was built by Haw & Par brothers (Aw Boon Haw & Aw Boon Par). It was built on a hill in Pasir Panjang surrounded by unique gardens depicting Chinese mythology for the younger, quieter Boon Par in 1937.

Tiger Balm Gardens was later donated to the Singapore government by the Aw family, put on public tender for re-building as a theme park under the name Haw Par Villa. This theme park is no longer associated with the Haw Par group.

Ok.. end for history and serious stuff… time for personal stuff…

Darren was getting bigger over the few months and with a spec… he’s not even 5yrs old =.= follow the mom’s gen .. bad bad bad

And when I asked him to take pic with me.. he ignored me >.< so I grabbed him to me and this was the ignorance face he shown me >.<

It’s been years since mom’s last visited SG…. and it was really great to have her with me.. missed her so much…

In case you are wondering, where is my sis… sorry ya.. don’t have her pic on my camera.. hahaha… all were on her camera and I have yet to copy d pics from her! ishhh!

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