I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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V Hotel Lavender Singapore

Sis has a transit flight at Changi Singapore before she fly back to Arab… well… sort of dropped by to accompany me… heheh….

I found her this hotel at Lavender ~ V Hotel cuz they are one of the cheapest and convenient for us to go to Changi…

The review online was quite good… and it was only $150/night … consider quite cheap for a Singapore hotel.. normally those cheap ones are like Hotel 81, etc.

The room was pretty impressive and the bed was really comfortable.. we really enjoyed ourselves with a small bottle of wine before hit the bed…

However, the best part of the night ~> sis & I were awake middle of the night by the customers of the hotel… there wasn’t sound proof in the room at all!! OMG! We were both awaken by the noisy sound twice… middle of the night & also early morning when people going for breakfast >.<

So not going to recommend you all to pay them a visit… the service given by their staff was not good as well.. no smile on their faces.. it’s like everyone is owing them money >.<

Last but not least… it was really a great day out with sister after missing her for so long… 🙂 Although both the hotel & buffet dinner at Shangri-la were a big disappointment, but at least I gets to hang out with sister and enjoyed our 1day together 🙂

I’m truly blessed to have her 😀

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