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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes – A Game Of Shadows

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 It’s all about movies. The next movie I watched on Xmas week was non other than must-watch -> Sherlock Holmes II!

Well, it’s a nice show. Interesting, but, lack of fresh story lines that can arouse the audience.

Just like Moriaty’s secret, it was unlocked at the start of the show. Then the whole movie is about tracking him.

Hmm… although this is the losing part, but, it was a great show. 😀


Sherlock and Watson face arch-nemesis Professor Moriaty, who is conspiring to make a fortune at the expense of the rest of the world. As Sherlock and Watson unravel the dastardly plot as they travel across Europe, they unlock Moriaty’s secret- the manufacturing of next-generation weapons. Sherlock and Watson must stop this great threat before Moriarty succeeds in provoking a World War.


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