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Lao ban soya bean curd vs 51 soya bean curd

I’m going to blog about this 2 special & famous soya bean curd in Singapore, where people willing to queue up for 15mins just to get their hands on it.

Well, that only applicable to the famous lao ban soya bean curd aka 老伴豆花. You will never have to queue up that long for it.

Lucky me, I get to taste the both of them, especially 51 soya beancurd which is at Army Market food centre nearby my office.

The texture of this bean curd was really soft and the milky taste just dissolved instantly when you put them in your mouth.

It’s very refreshing. Definitely different from the usual bean curd you can have anywhere.

51 Soya Bean only has 2 stores in Singapore:

51 Soya Bean – Main Branch
51 Old Airport Road
#01-72 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tel: 90907009
Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

51 Soya Bean (Army Market Food Centre)
505 Beach Road
#B1-04 Golden Mile Food Centre
Tel: 9388 1098
Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 8.30pm

Lets move on to Lao ban bean curd. They are famous for their almond bean curd. However, I’m not a big fan of almond. And in order to compare both 51 and lao ban, I have opt for original taste.

To me, this lao ban bean curd tasted very silky and smooth. Not so strong on the milky taste and it also felt refreshing. 🙂

You guys can check out the 2 branches of lao ban bean curd:

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd 老伴豆花 (Main Branch)
51 Old Airport Road
#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tel: 81812201
Main enquiry line: 8299-8211 (For SMS orders)
Opening Hours: Tue–Sat  1130am – 8pm  (1130 and 1830 2 batches)
                                 Sun 1pm – 8pm (1300 and 1900 2 batches)
(Closed on Mon)

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (Maxwell Food Centre)
Maxwell Road
#01-91 Maxwell Food Centre
Tel: 8299 8211 (For SMS orders)
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 1130am-4pm (1 batch)
(Closed on Sun)

Well, after tastes both, my conclusion will be:

1. 51 tasted stronger than lao ban.The milky taste is definitely strong in 51. Lao ban slightly softer in the taste. However, if you are not a milk person, then you will prefer lao ban bean curd better.

2. Both are of the same price ~ $1.50/bowl. On a losing side for lao ban, is that they didn’t offer soya bean drink where 51 did offer it. And it tasted just like the bean curd. It’s really the best soya bean I’ve ever drank.

3. No waiting time for 51 where else you have to wait for some time in order to buy 1 bowl of lao ban bean curd.

Ahem, not to be bias, I would rather go for 51 than lao ban. But, this is depends on individual. 🙂 Do check them out guys~! And no, I’m not paid by 51 to write this blog. It is just my own opinion. ^.^

 So, what’s your preference?

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