I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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New experiences in Bali

Done with the complains about Bali’s pricing, it’s time for something happy. ^^

Apart from the price and the driver I booked earlier didn’t appear, there were quite a few new experiences / things that happened during the trip that made me smile / shocked whenever I think about it.

1.This is a shocking experience… not to have the same experience again -> Animal attack!!!

Image source: bali-anjani.com

 You see, the monkeys in Uluwatu temple are moving around the temples freely. And, they snatched almost anything they can get from you. Whenever some monkeys snatched your stuff, there will be local balinese appear from no where, to help you get your stuff back.

For my own experience, we were walking up the stairs and this huge monkey came from no where just snatched my sun glasses ! Arghh… to get it back, I paid 10,ooo rupiah to the local >.<|||

Prepare more small change to give to the locals. In case your stuff got snatched by the mysterious thief 🙁

2.Walked 30 min to find a local food stall … add up is 1 hour to and fro from our resort…

As you can see from the map, A – Bebek Tepi Sawah Resort & Spa was our resort. We walked on the wrong path, follow orange arrow. Then purple arrow to reach point B that took us close to 45 min. Since we didn’t find any food on point B, so we went back to the red arrow place that we found passed by earlier.

There we had their mee ayam, bakso, ketupat, fried chicken… super full & filling meal. Satisfied after the 45 min walk 😛

3. Had sponge bob ice-cream!!

Saw this in one of their 24hours store. So cute! I must have it~! Why they don’t have it here? >.<|||

4. Nearly drown in this nice swimming pool

Was playing with my friend and nearly got myself drown in here >.<||| Now I know how the feelings of being drown … scary… not to try that again :p

5. Had a great tea time by the pool side

First nearly drown in the pool, then get to taste a very nice pisang goreng + tea by the pool side… so satisfying ^.^

Anyway, this was an enjoying trip for me. Though I won’t be considering of going back there anytime soon, but still, it’s a great memories for me & friend. 🙂

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