I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Haagen Dazs for Tea Time

Shopping in Sg Wang … and this is my look of the day ~!

Went for Haagen Dazs after shopping spree…. sis got special craving again… hahahah…

We shared one creation to satisfied our craving… the price changed again…. became more ex … *sigh*

It’s a long day… after we have shopped till we dropped in Sg Wang and throw everything back to the hotel…


Lucky for us the hotel is just opposite Sg Wang…

And again, this was a great moment… it’s been a long time I didn’t enjoy such private moment with sis…

The last time was 1yr ago… where she transited in Singapore… and we have a day together….. miss that moment… Hopefully there will be another private meet up for us next year ^^

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1 Hayley { 10.28.12 at 2:10 PM }

Special cravings? Hmmm…. *raise eyebrows*

Your sis still working oversea?

2 ~ ivy ~ { 10.28.12 at 2:26 PM }

haha… she’s back Hayley 🙂

3 Felissa { 10.28.12 at 2:41 PM }

Hey Leng Loi, It’s nice to have a sister around to do something girlie and fun!

4 ~ ivy ~ { 10.28.12 at 2:48 PM }

Hey Felissa, you have one too right? I bet you enjoy your time with her as well ^^

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