I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Butterfly farm with family

Had a great CNY this year… especially when our baby girl celebrated her first CNY with us.

Since the mom need a time-off , we brought the boy to have a walk.

Actually we are looking for toy museum. But we are not sure where it has moved to. So we ended up in butterfly farm.

It has been years since our last visit to here. That was when dad was still alive. And so many things have changed.

They have more butterflies there and the whole place were decorated with much effort being put in.

And they even have charges for foreigners and local! I just love this. This should be implemented in such a way so that the locals can enjoy this place without feeling reluctant to visit this place due to the price.

Even for locals we have to pay RM 18 for adult, RM 13.50 for children, RM 10 for senior citizen. Hahaha… mom is considered senior citizen d lor. ^^ As for the foreigners, they will have to pay … I think is RM 27 for adult. Can’t remember the price for children. :p

They even have a cartoon for kids to watch and it’s really funny video clips. Talks about dragonfly vs bee. Not much of education but it was really funny and the kids & adults enjoyed it! (no pic on that though)

It was a hot day and lucky I’m dressed in a light attire to beat the heat. ^^

The boy definitely enjoyed himself as he got this time out and he took a lot of pictures there as well. Lastly he also got one ice-cream to chill himself by the end of the little tour.

And we the adults had fun too!

Just realized I didn’t take picture with my sis cuz no1 help us take it >.<|| Mom’s hand too shaky and same goes to the boy. Haha… too bad. We just need a tripod next time!

Family time rocks!


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