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What is happiness?


Many things happened to me over the past few months. And it really made me wonder, what happiness meant to me?

Some people will be happy with wealth, job title, health, etc. But what is real happiness?

Yes with money you can achieve many things. But will it buy you happiness? How much is enough? 1 million, 1 billion? Will you be satisfied with only 1 million when you have them? No.  A lot of times, due to human greed, we want more after we got what we want. You want 10 millions after you have your first million. So you will continue to save / fought for your next millions. When will that stop? You don’t. Are you happy with such life? Busy pushing yourself to earn more $.

I know without money you can’t do much. However, I also believe that what you have been provided is enough. If you are asking for a lifestyle that you can wake up everyday with 5 stars food, then it will be based on what you want. And not what is meant for you. 

I’m not sure if this is because of situation that I have been in, or the trip to Europe, or the faith that I have changed me. I yearning for simple life than ever. Simple happiness can be so much happier than you pushed yourself to earn more in order for you to be happy.

Life can be so simple. Why do we want to make things so complicated?

To me, happiness is very simple. Happiness is me being able to do what I enjoy the most, eg, spend time with my loved ones, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on free day, satisfying my craving for Penang laksa, or enjoying a scoop of my favorite Haagen Dazs ice cream.

As most of my friends know I love traveling. I do. And I think it helps to broaden my mind a lot. My views in life changed so much after my Europe trip. Two weeks in Europe made me see so much that I have never experienced before. And I definitely will make my way back to there again.

Also, taking a break from work has never happened to me before, ever since I started working. Most of us dare not and do not have the luxury to take this pause because of the commitment they have. I do have my own family commitment. However, I’m really thankful that I took this leap of faith. God has been great to me. This break refreshes my mind and also strengthen my view on life can be so simple. Why chase after something that will make you tired mentally & physically? I believe everything has been planned out nicely. I just have to trust in Him.

Moreover, I’m glad that I have friends & family that give me mental support during the hard times & good times. Love them as always. *muaks*

Remember, life can be simple. Happiness is just by your side. It’s just how you want it to happen.
Lastly, I shall close with a picture of my naughty girl & cheeky nephew. ^^

Ke Xin love IMG_9573


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