I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Homecook food

Been doing some cooking lately. Simple dish but is really fulfilling.

I’m a huge fan for tomato pasta. And I add weird ingredient in it. And usually when I cook, I love to cook a big pot to last me for few days. Save money ma. :p

Also, since young my mom has been cooking soup for our meals. Naturally, I have the habit of having soup for my meal. However, eating out making it hard to have a soup + vege meal. Moreover, it is more expensive if I have to buy rice + vege + soup @@ So freaking expensive ok? One meal can add up to… say $10. For me alone. I’m saying hawker food. Not talking about some fine dining / restaurant food.

Back to my homecook food. I have been posting them on my FB. Just to make it a blog post, I have compiled them up in this post. 😀

Dinner #1:

Stir fry sesame chicken & Spinach tomato soup

 Simple homecook food

Dinner #2:

Mushroom carbonara

 Mushroom carbonara

Dinner #3:

– stir fry oyster chic wing + spinach
– abc soup
– tomato + mushroom + spinach leaves rice

 Homecook dinner

Dinner #4:

– stir-fry spinach + tomato + mushroom
– old cucumber chicken bone soup
– tomato rice + lap cheong!

 Healthy dinner

Dinner #5:

– Maggie goreng
– Dumpling melon soup with garlic tumis to add flavour
– Steam vege with garlic tumis

 Healthy homecook food

Dinner #6:

– Boiled dumplings

– stir-fry tomato egg, oyster garlic vege

– left over chic wing from the day before

Healthy food

Dinner #7:

– Oyster chicken with wolfberries
– button mushroom + tofu + vege + corn + little bit of garlic soup

 Homecook food

First ever breakfast:

– steam man tou
– bacon
– egg with melt cheese & tomato

 Homecook breakfast

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