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Baby Darren’s swollen face, hand, ear

Today baby’s face suddenly swollen. Mom said this morning wasn’t so serious…but just now was soo serious till mom kept grumbling there… >.< Not sure he got bitten by what… or allergy to what food or what ever la..

See his swollen hand, ear and face:

Darren's swollen handDarren's red red earDarren swollen faceDarren swollen earDarren swollen face 2Darren swollen face 4Darren swollen face 3

See how red is his ear? he felt nothing at all >.< He dun feel itchy or pain or anything.. still can laugh when I play with him and cry when got scolded by me .. hmm… He is a tough kid 😛

>> Update: Darren’s face is getting better after mom gave him medicine. However the scar still there… sad…

October 28, 2009   10 Comments

Langkawi Trip with family on 10-Oct-09

This post was supposed to come out last week..but I was really too busy hanging out with sis and I still got at least 10 more post for my Australia trips >.<…

Some bad news first:

Sister suggested for a holiday @ Langkawi on August 2009… I’m supposed to book the hotel online… this particular night, I placed the order online via the hotel’s website… but connection got problem… so the website hung for a while… but the order went through and my credit card was charged as well… I called to the hotel to have a check, they said they can’t view any online information if I just placed my order.. need to wait 48 hours… erm…alright… since I got the email notification.. then is alright… probably call back again… which I didn’t … and I also didn’t notice the check-in date was wrong. Yes! It is freaking wrong! I didn’t know that till I want to check-in…

So how? Pay for the rooms again la @_@ Damn it! Damn sui la… Garden view Deluxe room with discounted price also RM 147 per room…. lucky the person-in-charge gave me the discounted price… else I’m gona hang myself… even with RM 147 x 2 (cuz we ordered 2 Deluxe rooms)… so I have to fork out RM 294… damn sui la… 🙁

Ok…there goes the bad news…continue back to my holiday… a short get-away with my family…

We took a boat from Penang to Langkawi… I have to say… it sucks… felt so dizzy and nausea from Penang to Langkawi… >.<

Boat to LangkawiFamily @ Langkawi JettyView from Langkawi Jetty

We rented a Naza Citra … cost us RM 160 until the next day 5pm… >.< expensive la… but what to do? no car d..

Baby Darren @ Langkawi 1

By the time bro-in-law settled the paper works for the car rental, it was almost 1pm d… so we drove to Underwater World there to have our lunch…

Darren @ Langkawi 2Darren @ Langkawi 3Darren @ Langkawi 4

>> Baby was busy drinking the cold fruit juice.. I also forgot to snap the pictures of our lunch… waited too long for the food d… and it was just malay mamak food.. so didnt really have the urge to snap it.. lol…

After lunch, we went to Underwater World… for RM 28 (Mykad holder).. I can say it was really worth the view… compared to the AQWA I went in Perth Australia (which I will blog about it soon)..

Underwater world @ Langkawi 5Shells @ Underwater World Langkawi 6Family @ Underwater World Langkawi 6Family @ Underwater world Langkawi 7Flower @ Underwater World Langkawi

>> They have a lot of different animals in here… penguin, seal, otter, stingray, turtle, live corals, clown fish, etc…

Waterfall @ Underwater world Langkawi 10

>> Tested different shutter speeds again.. lol…

Baby was kinda tired already.. so headed to our hotel… check-in with extra RM 294 charges… reason please view above…

Oh ya! We stayed in Awana Porto Malai hotel..the environment was very nice…cozy and simple… Deluxe room got 2 queen size beds.. niceee

Our room @ Awana Porto Malai Langkawi 8Our room @ Awana Porto Malai Langkawi 9Awana Porto Malai Langkawi view from my room @ Langkawi 10Awana Porto Malai Langkawi 12

>> The garden view from our rooms… both rooms were connected to each other.. special request… baby loved it cuz he could run here and there… lol…

Baby took his afternoon nap…so did we… 😛

After he woke up, we went to have our dinner and shopped for some souvenirs…

Dinner @ Langkawi 12

The next day.. we woke up around 8 in the morning.. thought of bringing baby for a swim… but the weather wasn’t very good…had been raining from 8-10am.. >.<

So we packed our things ready to check out.. we took pictures in the hotel balcony and room.. then walked to the back of the hotel for photo taking…

Family @ Awana Porto Malai Langkawi 13Back of Awana Porto Malai 14Family @ Awana Porto Malai back view 15Awana Porto Malai 16Me with Mom @ Awana Porto Malai 18Back view @ Awana Porto Malai 19

Since the rain stopped… sis wanted baby go to play water…he loved water very much…look at his happy face… cuz the laugh was so precious, I posted all up one by one without editing it.. 🙂

Head to swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 19Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 21Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 22Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 23Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 24Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 25Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 26Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 27Me at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 28Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 29Baby at the swimming pool @ Awana Porto Malai 30

Results of refusing to come up from the pool – Cry out loud:

Darren cry-out-loud @ Awana Porto Malai 31Darren cry-out-loud @ Awana Porto Malai 32Darren cry-out-loud @ Awana Porto Malai 33Darren cry-out-loud @ Awana Porto Malai 34Darren cry-out-loud @ Awana Porto Malai 35

>> See his angry look on his face? Like wanted to smack me d for changing him @_@ Hey I’m not the one bring you out of the water 😛

I went to check out… and see his tired and sleepy face:

Baby Darren @ Awana Porto Malai 35Flower @ Awana Porto Malai 37

Since we got a lot of time left till we boarded the boat… so we went for some final shopping.. sis bought lots of chocolate for her Arab friends…

Final stop… the super huge eagle:

Family @ Eagle statue 37Sis & Darren @ Eagle statue 39
Mom & I @ Eagle statue 40Sis & Darren @ Eagle statue 41Me @ Eagle statue 42Sis & I @ Eagle statue 43Big big eagle @ Eagle statue 44View from Eagle statue @ Langkawi 45

Took the boat back to Penang @ 5.30pm… reached Penang 8.30pm >.< damn slow la!

There goes my weekend ..tiring but enjoyable….

October 19, 2009   7 Comments

Daorae dinner with family

Sister wanted to eat korean food… and she saw from my blog about Daorae… so she suggested we go there for our Friday dinner….

I waited very long for them cuz bro-in-law was working late… by the time I reached Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, it was 7.30pm… with a few people in line… and full house! WOW! What was so special today that everyone went for korean food? >.<

Anyway… I waited for awhile…I really wanted to take the upstairs tatami type seat… but they were all taken… and I didn’t really want to wait.. so I just got the normal table for 4 😛

Finally they arrived…. so I just ordered 2 BBQ – Soy sauce seasoned pork and spicy seasoned chicken, 1 Kimchi-Jjirae and 1 ginseng chicken soup.

Vege @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 2Daorae Korean BBQ RestaurantSoy sauce seasoned pork @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 3Spicy chicken @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 4Kimchi-jjirae @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 5Ginseng Chicken @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 6

They gave us complimentary steam egg and small size pan cake.. niceeeee

Sis & Baby Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 7Family @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 8Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 9Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 10

I really like to dine-in at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant… the service is good, the environment is very cozy, the food is nice…. the best part? They gave 9 small plates of appetizers… korean food is famous for their small plate appetizers.. especially the kim chi plate.. niceeeeeee

Another best part? Free flow of tea for every order… and free flow of vege if you order BBQ … cool? Yes I think so 😀

My besties kept suggesting me to have the Kimchi-jjirae @ Chang Chun Guan..cuz it is better than Daorae… It is situated just opposite Daorae… I have never been there seriously … cuz I really really like Daorae…


1. Chang Chun Guan’s food is much more expensive

2. They do not provide the small small appetizers like Daorae did for FOC… they charge 1 small plate for RM 3 @_@ I know.. really crazy…

3. The best seller – Kimchi-jjirae is the best… but they do not come with 1 free rice which Daorae does…

Say me unfair or being bias or calculative, but come on la… Chang Chun Guan charges you for everything you order… erm….sure dine-in at Daorae better right? You all agree with me right? 😛 but seriously … I really can’t complain much on Daorae as this is the best Korean Restaurant I’ve tasted so far (please don’t compare having such food in Korea.. there is the origin of all korean food in Malaysia.. sure there will be so much nicer 😛 )… now I’m giving free advertorial to Daorae… lol…

I’m sure I will test out how does Chang Chun Guan’s food taste like… but not so soon… currently need to save more money… lol…

October 17, 2009   5 Comments

Chan Ming’s lunch wedding and Mid-Autumn celebration

Told ya all I’ll be busy… this is a very busy day for me…

Morning work half day…then rushed to Chan Ming and Lan Fong’s lunch wedding… lol… they finally had this lunch wedding after so long … I have been waiting for years… lol…

Chan Ming & Lan FongMe & Lan Fong

>> Bride and the bridegroom of the day – Chan Ming and Lan Fong .. wish them live happily ever after 🙂

Sad sad.. my hand so fat fat… need go slimming centre d… 😛

The extra wedding gift for everyone:

Wedding gift

>> it is actually a mooncake!Their wedding was on 15th August of Chinese calendar… which happened to be Chinese’s mid-autumn festival…

Met Amy… a long lost friend… who is also a close friend of Chan Ming and Lan Fong…

Me & Amy

The wedding was held @ Vistana Hotel… same place like Sherine’s brother’s wedding last time… the deco was basically almost the same… but the band they hired was quite good… 🙂

Vistana HotelVistana Hotel 2Vistana Hotel 3Vistana Hotel 4

The best part, I sat with a skin specialist doc which I went last time… he is a friend of Chan Ming… I didn’t even know about it till I ask my friend Tze Siang… lol… what a small world… lol…

I didn’t wait for the final dish as it was quite late already… I needed to go prayers with mom at Kek Lok Si… so I rushed home to pick up mom…

After that back home took a short nap.. before going to Ah boo’s house for mid-autumn festival celebration… well… I went there to eat and took pictures of baby Darren only… cuz I don’t have time to take his pictures lately… felt bad 😛

DarrenDarren 5

Darren 2Darren 3

>> Mom taught baby how to show his age… he just totally ignored her… lol… naughty him..

Steamboat dinner

>> Table full of foods … lol…

Ah Kheng's new born baby

>> Ah Kheng’s new born baby… just two months old… 🙂

Darren 5Darren 6Darren 7

>> Darren was so excited seeing new born baby…

Boon's son

>> Boon’s younger son.. very cute… he got very deep dimple when he smile… soooooo cute 😀

Darren 8Darren 9

>>Naughty boy messed up with his clothes.. so have to change to a new one…

Getting ready to take lantern:

Darren 10Darren 12Darren 11Darren 13Darren 15Darren 14Darren 16Darren 17Darren 18Darren 19Darren 20Darren 21

We went home at 10.30pm… phew… so late for baby already… anyway.. happy Mid-Autumn festival to ya all!

October 4, 2009   7 Comments

Baby Darren’s Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Darren’s birthday today… pictures tell it all:

Darren Birthday 2009 1

Darren Birthday 2009 2

Darren Birthday 2009 3

Darren Birthday 2009 4

Darren Birthday 2009 5

Darren Birthday 2009 6

Darren Birthday 2009 7

Darren Birthday 2009 8

Darren Birthday 2009 9

Darren Birthday 2009 10

Darren Birthday 2009 11

Darren Birthday 2009 12

Darren Birthday 2009 13

Darren Birthday 2009 14

Baby so eager to wear his new shoe…lol..

Darren Birthday 2009 15

Darren Birthday 2009 16

Darren Birthday 2009 17

Darren Birthday 2009 18

Happy Birthday baby Darren!

September 5, 2009   4 Comments

Another post for baby Darren

Brought baby Darren for dinner on Saturday night with bro-in-law’s friends… there are a lot of children at the newly opened restaurant as well.. he keep staring at people, hoping they will play with him:


but the child’s mom said the child need to eat… ask baby come later… cheh! Auntie really auntie… mai stare ma mai stare la…

Darren 2

Showing his cheeky looks:

Darren 3

Hands off my lens 😛

Darren 4

Wonder what makes him open his mouth till like that:

Darren 5

More cheeky looks:

Darren 6

Darren 7

Keep wanting mom to carry him:

Darren 8

Darren 9

Uncle ah Boo and wife:

Darren + Boo + Boo's Wife

Dinner time:

Darren 10

Darren 11

Boo bought Vitagen for Darren.. but he didn’t like it… lol…

Darren 12

Darren 13

Baby played with Ah Boo… he just loved playing with him and get “tortured” by him .. lol

Darren + Boo

The restaurant’s serve a very small portion of vege… the funny part, the cooks don’t know how to make a bigger portion one.. so if you have 10 people dine-in there, you might have to order 2 serving of every dishes … to make sure is enough for 10 people 😛

August 24, 2009   2 Comments

Random post 3

Don’t know what to blog and don’t have mood to blog are the reason of no updates in my blog…sorry ya…

The past weekend I didn’t go out… just babysit Darren…. which is a big headache for me… Honestly those who knows me will know I don’t like kids… even my family knew about it…but this naughty Darren… makes me hate kids even more!

Grhhhhh…. cuz Darren is seriously naughty… you cannot beat him as he will throw tantrum … you cannot take away what he is holding as he will throw tantrum again… he is a big super duper stubborn baby! yaya.. gen of his parents which both also equally stubborn.. that’s why the baby came out is worse ==”

I told mom, sis, and bro-in-law I don’t want to have my own babies in future. I really cannot stand having a kids around me. Make me very frust and angry. Mom said every family should have a baby then only perfect. Babies is the key to hold a family together. ==”

When he good boy the time, then is still ok. But 80% he is very naughty. He even beat my keyboard no matter how many times I told him not to. Damn frust when that happen. I always threaten my sis, if my IBM laptop or any of my things spoils, she has to pay for it cuz is her son who spoils it 😛

Sorry… I really don’t like kids.. *blek* Maybe I’m not ready to have my own? Hmm… I don’t know 😛

August 11, 2009   9 Comments

Saturday out with Baby Darren

The past Saturday Mom and I were both off…so we went for morning prayers at 6.30am…. @_@… so sleepy…

After prayers we went for breakfast… then went home have a nap…cuz we were going to have a busy day later…

Yeap! Went down town to settle all sister’s credit card payment and there were 3 stops to do… faint…

Then brought baby to see fish.. yes.. FISH! Not in the aquarium…but in the biggest fish shop in town…just beside Tunes Hotel Penang… hmm…..I have to say…it is super big…with 3 floors of fish and the accessories….wow! Really great for baby.

He loves to go there… I told sis day before I’m going to bring baby there and she said she love it. Just bro-in-law don’t like it there…lol….

They do not allow photo taking in there…so didn’t manage to snap baby’s happy face… but anyway, he did enjoy himself over there… ran here and there without feeling tired… ==”

After that… we went to Tesco for some groceries… This is the time I got to take his picture… lol… well… it is around 4pm…so is his sleeping time… but he was still very energetic… but yearned for his milk milk…which mom didn’t manage to prepare it..

Baby Saturday out 25-July-09

Mom had to buy fresh milk for him…but it is still cold so we can’t really let him drink it…he loves fresh milk as well…of cuz la! It is RM 8++ for that 1 box… ==” Kids nowadays…. aih…. so hang fuk (blissful in English)

Anyway, this cheeky baby… he opened the cap of the milk…he even broke the internal sealed cap… and drank the milk without us noticing… ==” I didn’t realize until I saw the floor got the milk stain… really salute him…

Bro-in-law met us up in Tesco and fetch baby home… he needed his nap… so forced him to sleep around 6pm… he woke up around 8pm then we went for dinner…

We just thought of having dinner nearby our house…. so we went to the old Sunshine Farlim… and co-incidently a small fun fair was nearby… baby was so eager to go there..

Baby @ Fun fair 25-July-09

He was so happy playing at the fun fair… bro-in-law played those games with him and each game also had a free gift… he got extra 6 toys to play.. lol…

Baby's new toy

He already broke one yoyo although he got two… ==” kids…. ==”

and co-incidently a small fun fair was nearby
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