I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Homecook food

Been doing some cooking lately. Simple dish but is really fulfilling.

I’m a huge fan for tomato pasta. And I add weird ingredient in it. And usually when I cook, I love to cook a big pot to last me for few days. Save money ma. :p

Also, since young my mom has been cooking soup for our meals. Naturally, I have the habit of having soup for my meal. However, eating out making it hard to have a soup + vege meal. Moreover, it is more expensive if I have to buy rice + vege + soup @@ So freaking expensive ok? One meal can add up to… say $10. For me alone. I’m saying hawker food. Not talking about some fine dining / restaurant food.

Back to my homecook food. I have been posting them on my FB. Just to make it a blog post, I have compiled them up in this post. πŸ˜€

Dinner #1:

Stir fry sesame chicken & Spinach tomato soup

Β Simple homecook food

Dinner #2:

Mushroom carbonara

Β Mushroom carbonara

Dinner #3:

– stir fry oyster chic wing + spinach
– abc soup
– tomato + mushroom + spinach leaves rice

Β Homecook dinner

Dinner #4:

– stir-fry spinach + tomato + mushroom
– old cucumber chicken bone soup
– tomato rice + lap cheong!

Β Healthy dinner

Dinner #5:

– Maggie goreng
– Dumpling melon soup with garlic tumis to add flavour
– Steam vege with garlic tumis

Β Healthy homecook food

Dinner #6:

– Boiled dumplings

– stir-fry tomato egg, oyster garlic vege

– left over chic wing from the day before

Healthy food

Dinner #7:

– Oyster chicken with wolfberries
– button mushroom + tofu + vege + corn + little bit of garlic soup

Β Homecook food

First ever breakfast:

– steam man tou
– bacon
– egg with melt cheese & tomato

Β Homecook breakfast

April 14, 2015   No Comments

CNY day 3 ~ Lunch at Gurney

It’s still a public holiday on CNY day 3. Since we have no plans of visiting people, we went to Gurney for a walk and lunch.

We went to take pictures with the CNY deco first.

We walk around and many shops still not open yet. Many people still in holiday mood πŸ™‚

Lunch @ Sakae sushi. I love this picture the most. The lighting is perfect, makes me pretty in it. haha.

Last picture, camwhore with my nephew. πŸ™‚

Next up will be visiting butterfly farm πŸ˜€

February 14, 2013   No Comments

Haagen Dazs for Tea Time

Shopping in Sg Wang … and this is my look of the day ~!

Went for Haagen Dazs after shopping spree…. sis got special craving again… hahahah…

We shared one creation to satisfied our craving… the price changed again…. became more ex … *sigh*

It’s a long day… after we have shopped till we dropped in Sg Wang and throw everything back to the hotel…


Lucky for us the hotel is just opposite Sg Wang…

And again, this was a great moment… it’s been a long time I didn’t enjoy such private moment with sis…

The last time was 1yr ago… where she transited in Singapore… and we have a day together….. miss that moment… Hopefully there will be another private meet up for us next year ^^

October 28, 2012   4 Comments

Dinner @ Morgan Field Pavilion

Had our dinner @ Morgan Field Pavilion after the pampering pedicure…

Sis has a craving for pork rib

I had the Hoegarden… buy 1 pint free 1/2 pint

Feel cheated cuz the waiter mentioned buy 1 free 1.. I thought is buy 1 pint free 1 pint… but end up is 1/2 pint only >.<|||

Anyway, we ordered the promotion pork rib…

And a cheesy nachos…

Obviously we cannot finish it >.<||| waste food πŸ˜›

But again, this was a great night with no stress of needing to go home early / no small kids making noise / no other things that bug us… it’s just us, and we sisters only *love the moment*

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Yogurt after dinner @ Tutti Fruity

Promised sweetheart gona bring him to Haagen Dazs but Gurney Plaza doesn’t have one. So we settled for Tutti Fruity yogurt.

Β Let him choose one flavor and topings.He got chocolate yogurt & gummy bears.

Sis choose another flavour and toppings. She got grape yogurt & milo cereal. I put the almond as extra.

Enjoying the chocolate yogurt to himself. Lol…

Well, we helped him to finish some because he has mild cough already. So he was complaining that we finished his chocolate flavor yogurt. lol.

My sweetheart πŸ™‚

September 13, 2012   2 Comments

Dinner @ Segafredo with Family

Had a wonderful dinner with family when I went back to PG during Raya weekend. Surprisingly, my nephew been very “sticky” to me over the weekend. Normally he will not follow me much but this time he really wanted to be with me a lot. hahaha… I wonder is it the watch I gave him works the wonder :p

He sat very close to me before dinner being served and sumore said: I want to sit close close to ee … muahahahhaha

Still want to stick to me even food served >.<||

See the watch my sweetheart was holding? That’s the angry bird watch strap watch I bought for him upon request. He just likes to play with it rather than wear it.

Sis & bro-in-law

The food ~ I bought the voucher online for 4 pax set dinner, which included 4 set of soup + main course. Drinks are additional charges.

Mom got a salmon fish, bro-in-law had some chicken and sis & me we got lamb shank! The soup and food were quite nice. Just that the portion was quite small. Not really worth it if I have to pay full amount w/o the voucher.

I didn’t know Segafredo moved to the back of Gurney Plaza. Still blur blur walked till Starbucks there. Then shocked that the shop wasn’t there anymore. So I called to the shop and asked for the location.

But anyway, it was always fun to have dinner with my family.

Love my sweetheart. He made my day *love*

September 10, 2012   No Comments

The Most expensive nasi lemak

Next up will be the most expensive nasi lemak I have ever eaten in my whole life!

And I had it at Food Republic Vivo City! It’s a food court only. OMG! Bang my head. >.<|||

The cost of this plate nasi lemak -> $7.50

The breakdown:

Chicken wing – $2.50

Prawn Fritters – $1.5/each

Rice – $1

Vege – $1

Seriously going to bang my head to the wall >.<|||

June 24, 2012   2 Comments

Brunch @ Toby’s Estate

Another brunch time @ Toby’s Estate ^^

I had brunch here once with when my Taiwan friend visited me n Erin πŸ™‚

They have changed their style of serving on my second visits and I wasn’t impressed with it. It took them so long to get an order and also to get the bill & changes. >.<|||

Previously I can just order via the counter and they will serve the food quite fast and nothing else already. Now, they will come with the menu, take your orders, serve you food, take the bill for you and return you with the change.

Well, since they have changed their style, I can say, the food still good. I ordered the big breakfast and it was quite nice. Though not as good as Wild Honey, but, still better than eM by the river :p

Their coffee was quite good… Good for coffee lovers πŸ™‚

Check out their location:

Toby’s Estate Asia
8 Rodyk st. #01-03/04
Singapore 238216

Phone: +65 66367629
Email: rodykst@tobysestate.com.sg

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