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W Cinemax @ Island Plaza

Penang got a new 3D cinema in Island Plaza…I didn’t know that till my friend forward the info to me…

Well.. I don’t have the feeling of going there…….. under an unepected chance.. I finally got the chanceΒ to check this new cineplex out ~ W Cinemax..

The movie ticket is as norma 3D movie ticket price ~ RM 18… and there were ample of seats available cuz not many people know about this new cinema

It was pretty empty lo… too empty till the cinema I went was less than 10 ppl….

Anyway, most of the movies available in W Cinemax are in 3D…

I do hope this cinema can last long as Metrojaya will be closing down very soon after Island Plaza being sold to a new management. I wonder how the new management able to bring back Island Plaza’s glory?… Hmm…

November 18, 2010   5 Comments

Touching and interesting speech

Just found this video from a friend blog post… yaya…it was so last year’s video….but I just get to know it…suddenly was enlightened by the speech…

It is a very short speech..around 10 minutes only …

In this speech, he shared on why he still give his last speech even he is dying soon… He said he wish to leave the speech for 3 of his kids…

He also said: How you want to live your life? If you lead your life the right way, karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you. If you live properly, the dreams will come to you.

You can choose to be Tigger or Eeyore. Of cuz you have to be Tigger because Tigger is a energetic character and all he want is to have fun.

Simple advice from Dr Randy Pausch:

1. tell the truth
2. Good Apology (I’m sorry, it was my fault, how do I make it right?) Most people skip the last part.
3. wait and people will show their good side. Be patient to people. You need time to see the true colour of a person
4. show gratitude to people around you.
5. Don’t complain, just work harder. Complaining doesn’t solve problem

Get his video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9ya9BXClRw

It is a short and simple video. It might not be that touching to some of you who doesn’t know about Dr Randy Pausch. Honestly I don’t as well. But I feel what he said is very true.

For me I think no one has a second chance to live our life and everyone has their own big dreams in their mind. What stops them from moving towards the dreams? Adult hood. When we grows older, we tend to step back from moving on as we are in our own comfort zone. We dare not leave our comfort zone so we never take action to make our dreams come true.

When you grow really old..then you start to whine…for what you have not done and what you might get IF you did pursue for your dreams. Why want to wait till you are old then whine about it? Why not take the first step to move on your life,Β  to live for your dreams?

How many of us really strike towards our own dreams instead of regretting it throughout our life?

What will you do to make your dreams come true? What actions have you taken to make sure your dreams come true?

Stop giving excuses to yourself that you cannot make it, that you are too old for pursuing your dreams. You are what you are. If your dream is to be a model and you are 28 now…then just try to pursue it…no harm trying…at least you go through the process… the result is not matter…If you really failed, at least you failed for trying..rather than regret later in your older age…This is specially dedicated to Sherine, my best friend. If you have your own dreams, do it now, stop doing your routine job which you lost your way… I felt so heart-broken to hear about your lifeless live. If you read this, please think what I really hope you to change ya..muaks…always love you babe πŸ™‚

So if you keep telling yourself that you are not going to make it, then you will not. Believe yourself before other believe you can make it!

I am taking mine to stop myself from regretting later. Are you taking yours as well? If you haven’t, then why not move your big ass now??!!

July 14, 2009   2 Comments

Digi-Spread The Love

Digi is spreading the love to 14 organizations… all you need to do is click on the organization you wish to donate and each click you have made, DIGI will donate RM 5 on your behalf….you do not have to pay for it…DIGI’s aim is to hit RM150k… so people, do help to promote this


Digi – Spread the Love Campaign

I noticed this from Nuffnang page….collaboration of nuffnang with Digi…another great campaign….

So help to promote this so that they can hit the RM 150k goal…this is to save everyone that need these organization’s help… so people…ready your mouse and click on it πŸ™‚

Oh ya! Don’t forget to verify your email as after you verified your email address, RM 5 will only be able to donate into the foundation you choosed. Appreciate all your help very much. πŸ˜€


June 2, 2009   3 Comments

Away message

I will be away from my work, internet for 2 days… a get away with my family for a short holiday… will not be bringing my laptop with me…so… I will only update my trip after I’m back from this holiday…

Stay tuned for my short trip… ^^

May 28, 2009   No Comments

RM 1 Million worth boy

Have you heard of this news? RM 1 million worth of boy!!!

Heard this on my way to work this morning… and search for more details about it… found it in “70-year-old man behind boy’s RM1m kidnapping

I heard from flyfm DJs – Nadia and Ben, that this boy was kidnapped by someone.. the person just took him away from his mom…. then called the parents for RM 1million ransom… the parents paid the ransom… and the kidnappers released the boy… but police got some inside news about the kidnappers and they captured total of 14 people for the investigation…

>> One of the suspect Paremsvaran Ramu is still on the run… Police is looking for him to assist them in the investigation….

Wow! I can’t believe it…. 7o year old man is the mastermind of this kidnapping… geng…. RM 1 million… divide 15 people… 1 person got around RM 66.7k… faint …. can give me a? lol…..

It seems that people nowadays can do anything for money…. what about you? will you do something illegal just to get the money for your living?

For me……I don’t know… maybe I haven’t reach the situation that I will do something stupid in order to get money… I think I’m blessed with this… and I don’t want to have such things happen to me as well…

But if I’m forced to do something unwillingly… I will say…. I will choose to sell my blood/organ… hahaha…. or maybe my hair? πŸ˜› I don’t know…. I just don’t think it is right to so something illegal… haha… maybe selling blood and organ are illegal? πŸ˜›

April 24, 2009   8 Comments

Local news: Hope floats for 9As student

Heard about this news from Fly FM this morning…. and feel like blogging about it…

Hope floats for 9As student

>> It says that Desmond Dominic Raju, has been unsuccessful in obtaining a scholarship to pursue marine biology or psychology.Β  Datuk Anthony Ratos is willing to help Desmond with the contacts he have.

>> Fly FM let people call in for discussion… and one guy called in said that her daughter score 10As and she also couldn’t get any scholarship…. *faint*….
This makes me wonder… is SPM so easy to score? I think you all have heard of 13As, 20As, etc right? So… back to our time, scoring 10As is a whooha news… now the trend changed… it became 20As… well… how about the standard of these students? Are they able to compete with others when they are put in the different courses/university?

For those who have studied hard and were so excited on getting As in their SPM… it is very sad to hear that they missed out the chance of getting scholarship for the course they want…. lets hope the best for these students… may they get the helps they need. πŸ˜€

April 23, 2009   8 Comments

Love in recession

Saw this article in yahoo news …. ” Love in the time of recession” … makes me think…. It is recession now… many people lost jobs and many problems arise as the matter of fact… when MONEY is the main concern…quarrel will definitely kicks in, in a family… especially those with kids…

On my personal view, in love is a happy thing to happen… it is natural… and it kicks you in your brain so automatically… you just fall for that person…

However, marriage is a totally different story… you have to be responsible for your family, may it your husband/wife. Things will be more difficult when you have kids… I honestly believe if you are not financial stable, please don’t ever think of having a baby. If you plan to give birth to a child and let them follow the life style that you are having now, then you can go ahead. I always wanted to have the best for my “future child” when I have one. Because I’ve gone through a hard time from the past, I want everything to be the best for my kids. May it studies, living environment, toys, etc… I just want to keep the best for my child. I know everyone will want to do the same. But if you are struggling to make your financial meet every month, then how far you can go to provide the best for your kids?

Example: If both the husband and wife’s income are RM 4k, I assume both have their own car… which is probably under installment…. a new house… which is also under installment… Expenses needed for household: water bill, electric bill, cooking gas, handphone bill, petrol, misc…. that exclude food, insurance, weekly entertainment….

>> With a new born coming into the family… you will have bills for diapers, milk powder, baby’s medical fee ( Do you know that consultation fee for a baby/kids is much more expensive than adult?… I bet many of you don’t know about this)

>> New clothes for your baby on Chinese New Year,Β  yourselves and your spouse

>> If both of you are working, then who is going to take care of your baby? BABY SITTER… how much it cost? Around RM 500 – 800… depends on the hour and the baby sitter…. this is for new born only…. for those 2-3 years onwards…. you might want to send them to nursery… start to learn new things… that is additional cost… charges from RM 400 – 500/month… then buying toys for him to play with also cost you a buck now…

I also believe you need some time-out with your husband… go for some lovely dinner for just the two of you… then who is going take care your baby? Either your baby sitter or family member… that…. again… if is your baby sitter, you will need to add some allowance for her…

Hahah… I think it’s time for me to stop here…. If you think that why I sounded so familiar with those pricing… I have a 1 and a 1/2 year old nephew… and he is the centre of attraction in my family… my sister will always want to give her the best…. so…. the cost of taking care of him is a lot…. make me kinda scared to have my own baby… lol….

But I can say… he is always a gem in my heart… πŸ˜€

April 23, 2009   7 Comments

Amazing discovery/shocking news

Heard this news from FlyFM this morning… it was quite a shocking news/amazing discovery to the world

This Russian guy – Artyom Sidorkin suffered a chest pain and coughing blood … as normal people.. he went for a medical check… Doctor actually found an unknown object in his lung.. so he went for an operation. The panel doctor was so shocked when they saw a Fir Tree growing in Sidorkin’s lung…

More information :

Surgeons find fir tree ‘growing inside patient’s lung’

You can see the Fir tree looks from here.

The medical staff believed that Sidorkin must have inhaled the seed of the Fir tree…..Shocking isn’t it?

So… when you are young, your parents always tell you not to swallow seeds of the fruits you are eating (Apple/Grape/etc) … you better listen.. lol

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April 15, 2009   7 Comments