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I have whole load of books to read!

Ok.. I got whole load of books to read! Some of the books I had almost for years and yet to finish reading them >.<

And I just got myself 2 new books… 1 from a friend…

and another 1 recommended by her 🙂

As for the rest… some really got it cuz that time MPH got sales.. Buy 2nd one at 50%…  saja bought it nia 😛

Meaning to say… if I can finish 1 book / month… means I got 6 months to finish these books

But… do I really have all the times to read these books? I hope so 🙁

January 11, 2011   2 Comments

Palm Oil Talk @ G-Hotel

Mom asked me to accompany her to this Palm Oil talk @ G-hotel….somemore need to be in formal clothes >.< The talk was held by Malaysia Palm Oil Organization anyway….

So I rushed back home to clean up after work… then rushed to G-Hotel…

When we reached there… it was only 6.45pm…. the talk starts at 7.45pm… >.<

For sure they have some light meal before the event….

One of the interesting slide:

The most anticipating ~ Dinner time… lol…

Conclusion: Food sucks even thou there were many choices…. and the talk just so so only… not that much informative information…

But… can’t complain much la… FOC one ma… hahhaha 😛

October 2, 2010   2 Comments

Education comic ~ Challenged

My colleague sent me this comic.. named Challenged…. I found it really useful and it came in at the right time….


Thanks to this lovely girl… and thanks to the message this comic try to convey….

We as a grown up need to set our own goals and motivate ourselves to move towards our own goals… no one can help us to achieve what we want… friends and family can only motivate us and be with us as our mentor but we ourselves need to move our on our own if we want to succeed.

Lets work towards our own dreams and goals today! No obstacle should stop us from moving forward… it’s only us that don’t want to take one step out.. it’s the devil in us that do not wish us to be a better person. So why let the devil in you control you? We should control our own life… our own future….

I have taken one step forward, have you taken yours or you still prefer to remain at the current sucky situation?

June 15, 2010   No Comments

Facebook Restaurant City

Was addicted to Facebook Restaurant City lately…ya ya…I know I’m bit outdated where most of you already played it till duno how many level…well….I dont have time ma… pardon me ler…. lol….

Well…anyway… I have checked out this Facebook Restaurant City forum for the tips and tricks to share out to everyone here…. but first… check out my Facebook Restaurant City pictures:

This is how the outside of my restaurant looks like when I first started:

Restaurant City - First started


Restaurant City - First started- inside

Then I earn enough money to up level to get more staff and a bigger restaurant. I change the outer look became like this:

Restaurant City - New outer look

Ya ya….it is not that fancy…cuz fancy ei very very expensive ler…

Restaurant City - New inside look

Now the inner look is different again…I screen shot the time looks like this but after that I want to increase my popularity…so need to change the feng sui…kekek….

Some people have a nice design like this:

Restaurant CityRestaurant City

>> This is the so call “Island” type where you separate out the cook and waiter. However, this one you need to have a bigger restaurant before you can have such design… ^^

You can buy your furniture from your control panel and you can store it up in your inventory if you don’t want to use it… You can also sell it off at a cheaper price.. which is normally will lose a few bucks


You will also get your daily quiz … if you get the correct answer, you will get one new ingredient….The quiz will go into your inbox


There will also trophy… I’m not really sure how to win it…but it will automatically inform you if you won something .. the trophies you got can be put as a decoration in your restaurant as well


It is best to play Facebook Restaurant City with lots of your friends around…cuz for the first visit to their restaurant, you will get one free ingredients where you need it for your menu…the more ingredients you got, you get to have more dishes to choose for your customers….You can also buy it from the market..but it costs a lot!


>> You can see that it cost a few thousand to buy 1 ingredient…not worth it to spend…unless you have the money

You can decorate yourself as well….nice clothes, nice eyes, nice hat all cost a buck as well….so plan well before you spend. Mine is very simple…cuz I don’t want to spend too much in it..unless I have a lot of moneys to spare..lol


In order to earn more coins…you can click/shake on the trees around your restaurant and your friend’s restaurant


Some signs you will see from your customers:

RC-No one's cleaning

>> This icon means you are lack of waiters to clean the tables…customer will leave a bad remark to your restaurant if they went out

RC-no food sign

>> When customer waited for too long, they will leave you this sign. It will cause your popularity to drop. *popularity is the sign of a thumbs up on the top of your screen

RC-no table sign

>> You can prepare chairs for customers to wait while the tables are empty up….but when they waited too long…they will show such sign. Some will leave with a thumbs down…which cause your popularity to drop again.

Tips and tricks to take note:

1. All stoves are the same. It cost you more but the end results is the same. The cooking time will still be the same. So, don’t waste money for expensive stove.

2. Don’t make your waiter walk too much. They will get tired easily. They can serve up to 8 people in 1 cubic.

Restaurant City General Layout

*Image source: http://forum.playfish.com/showthread.php?t=534672

>> Best layout for your waiter so he don’t have to walk so much…

3. By level 8 you should get notification to prepare toilet for your customer. You don’t have to put a cleaner…. LOL….I googled for the trick….you just have to put your toilet back into the inventory and put it back to your restaurant… wala! You have a clean toilet. ^^

4. Try to arrange your restaurant decoration like a maze so that the customers will walk longer to reach the table…this is to allow your waiter serves all the customers and new customers will have the seats….

5. Get more cook than the waiter….you can have 3 cook : 1 waiter…

So far…this is what I want to share out…yet to discover more…..you can just google it and you can find the results of Facebook restaurant city guide….

Some informative website to check out:

Playfish forum – Restaurant City’s application provider

General Layout 1

General Layout 2

Island Layout

Try it out yourself…it is quite fun…but I wonder I can be addicted to this for how long….lol ^^

June 26, 2009   5 Comments

Twitter background

It’s been quite sometime since my last post…was busy over the weekend…so sorry ya…I’ll try to compile the picture and post out the details on the seminar I have attended over the weekend here soon…

Was looking around to see what I can do for my twitter background as I saw many personalized background…so I went google around…. hehe….that is Google for right?

Managed to find quite a number of post regarding this….but I just read 1… that’s all I want…

I changed from this:


to this:


I choosed the simplest way of all….which is download the background…which you can find from:


Twitter background images

Twitter gallery


Then go to your settings

Twitter - Setting

> design

Twitter - design

> change background image.

Twitter - Change background image

Upload your image

Twitter - Upload

and click “save”.


Wala! Your twitter background has turned into a new leaf … ^^

For more complicated design…. I have no time to learn now…for those of you who are free to do it…can check it out 😀

June 16, 2009   5 Comments

Beware of your pictures in Facebook

Just to share my thought about this as I find it quite interesting….

Accidentally found out that your friends in your facebook can actually download your photo albums from their FB account, with just “Facebook Photo Album Downloader 0.5.8“. It seems easy and you can download those pictures in just a few clicks…

So for those of you have thousand of friends in your FB list… I bet you are not close to all of them…and you think it is ok to upload your pictures just to share it to your friends… but beware of the world nowadays.. you never know who’s tail you have stepped onto and what they will do just to revenge…

Actually… IF I didn’t work in current company… I wouldnt’ learn to be cautious when I upload anything online… or say anything… Internet has been so widely used…. there are a lot of tools which is easy and free to use to do something bad on someone’s life…

Just to share my thought here… lol… don’t mean anything ya…

Oh! By the way, cool tips on Facebook which I read from Hong Kiat’s website. Can check this thread out:

20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know

June 4, 2009   8 Comments

Amazing discovery/shocking news

Heard this news from FlyFM this morning… it was quite a shocking news/amazing discovery to the world

This Russian guy – Artyom Sidorkin suffered a chest pain and coughing blood … as normal people.. he went for a medical check… Doctor actually found an unknown object in his lung.. so he went for an operation. The panel doctor was so shocked when they saw a Fir Tree growing in Sidorkin’s lung…

More information :

Surgeons find fir tree ‘growing inside patient’s lung’

You can see the Fir tree looks from here.

The medical staff believed that Sidorkin must have inhaled the seed of the Fir tree…..Shocking isn’t it?

So… when you are young, your parents always tell you not to swallow seeds of the fruits you are eating (Apple/Grape/etc) … you better listen.. lol

April 15, 2009   7 Comments

Top 5 ways to earn from your blog

What is blog?

– A website usually done by invidual, to share/write/edit a shared online journal.

– frequently updated by user

– the content can be:

– commentary,

– descriptions of events, or

– other material such as graphics or video

[

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April 8, 2009   10 Comments